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      Kathis Schnauzers Business Procedure

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my website !! I have a lot of fun taking the pictures and recieveing updates from everyone. Let me start this page with a story and explanation of why I conduct business the way I do.

About 8 years ago I had a lady with her family come to visit my puppies at my home in Brownsville. After failing to inform me that she had been to pet stores, kennels and otherbreeding facilities with her sister that very day looking and handling puppies.

Her sister had actually decided on a cute little Mini from a pet store and headed home to Sacramento California, not coming to my home with her sister. Little did either of them know the puppy had Parvo and would soon die.

Not knowing the puppy she had previously handled was contaminated this very nice woman came to my home and held my puppies, spread and contaminated my home,puppies and moms. Needless to say I soon too had sick dyeing puppies and two of my older dogs had gotten a mild case of Parvo. It was a full blown case of Parvo and the puppy from the pet store only lived 2 days after purchased.( It takes up to 7-10 days to become ill with Parvo after contracting it so the puppy at the pet store had been ill for days prior to being purchased).

As my puppies were dying I received a phone call from the sister in Sacramento wanting another puppy because hers from the pet store had died days before of Parvo. It was then I was told the puppy had been contaminated and that the Parvo had been tracked to the pet store in Eugene Oregon. Now it all made sense !!   

I have families trust me and look forward to recieveing a happy healthy puppy. I do this for the puppies and I do this for the families that would be heart broken if they took home a puppy and it died because I allowed their puppy to be contaminated.

It is because of this happening that my policy is firm and strong. I will not allow anyone to come  visit and pick out puppies until they are protected. That means the whole litter. It is up to me to provide healthy, happy puppies with a guarantee of health and I can not do that with persons coming into my home and contaminating my home and puppies.

I list my puppies in photos on my site. If someone is interested in a particular puppy the procedure is :

Decide which puppy and send a Non-Refundable deposit taking that puppy off the market. I will take photos regularly allowing you to make your baby photo album and see the progress your puppy makes weekly. It is amazing how much they change weekly. A verbal agreement will hold a puppy only 72 hrs awaiting deposit, if not recieved within 72 hs puppy becomes available once again.

When the puppy is of age and only after the first shot has been given THEN the visiting is allowed at which time the puppy is ready to go home !!

I find  the families adopting a puppy from Kathis Schnauzers like this procedure. It is just another guarantee they will recieve a healthy puppy. Because I am always a phone call away or a e-mail there is much contact and with most families a bond forms between myself and the families. After all we all want the same thing: Which is a happy healthy puppy that grows up to be a mature healthy happy dog.

 Whether you decide Kathis Schnauzers is right for you or not please do take precautions while searching for your new family member. Ask many questions getting intelligent answers. Make sure there are precautions taken by the breeder and dont be shy about asking what they might be. Losing a dog is horrible but losing a puppy to Parvo is devastating !

I want to thank you for taking the time to read and understand why I do things the way I do. If you decide to adopt through KathisSchnauzers I look forward to meeting you and watching your hearts fill with joy as you hold your puppy. If you just have some questions please feel free to e-mail or phone .After all we all want the same thing as I said before. In the long run a healthy happy family member that is going to be around for many years to come !

I am not affiliated with the Mini Schnauzer Rescue in Portland Oregon and am not a volunteer to this organization. I in no way consider myself a rescue such as the Miniature Schnauzers Rescue which is a awesome group devoting themselves to the rescue of the Minis.

Thank you and remember dog spelled backwards        spells ......GOD! ::)))     Thanks !!!  

                              Kathi Francis

Kathis Schnauzers Supports Our Troops Along with many forms of Schnauzer Rescue

Recognize signs of a puppy mill .... First red flag is breeder breeds more than one breed of dog!