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Kathis Schnauzers Salutes Our Troops.. Past Present & Future!

    *  Kathis Schnauzers Photo Album *

One of my all time favorites!This adorable pic is of my good friend Kim Hatfield's grandson Alyxx and Gidget the Mini i gifted to Kim a few years back. These guys are best friends..hard to tell but Alyxx is only a year old in this picture.. What a adorable picture ! Notice Gidgets tail is uncropped... some prefer it uncropped ! 2014  

 Meet Bella ! Carrie Trujillo took Bella home where they say she is Sassy ! It was so great meeting Carrie and her family when they came to pick up Bella... Bella is the doggie daughter of Tinker and Jake and when fully grown she will weigh aprox 12-14 lbs. She is such a little doll face ! Born Easter she is 7 wks old in this picture... Thanks Carrie !!  

Jet is a snake killin dog ! He is on a mission from the time he gets up til the time he goes to bed to rid our yard of all snakes:") It is a crack-up to watch him hunting :") Jet is my love, I have witnessed the most awesome puppies produced by this old guy. He is just a one of a kind... :") My buddy ..my love... my doggie Jet !:") The old snake hunter !!

~ A Mini Schnauzer is our Link to Paradise~ 

Kathi I have been meaning to send you some pics, and 1st is Cheech at 6 mos. and the 2nd (pic below) now at 18 mos. with her big sis Lady and dad for x-mas this December. She has made such an amazing impact in mine and Lady's life. Thank you so much! Many Christmas Blessings to you, Andrew

It seems like a eternity since I last  spoke with Rev. Thomas Andrews of Albany OR. way too long... when he welcomed Cheech this s/p mini into his heavenly home Cheech really hit the lotto when he went home with the Rev (Cheech also pic.above at 6 mos.) What a great man !! I so look forward to any updates!!12-11

Kris Cable sent me this picture today as it is Henry's 2nd Birthday !!! Happy BIrthday Henry !! Kris tells me he is lounging taking his time getting up and around on his special day:")Henry is as cute in this photo as the day he was born !! 11-8-11

April Boon adopted Hank the doggie son of Jake and Sugar born 7-26-11. April's sister Tami Morris adopted 2 minis from me in the past yrs Pedro a white and Ollie a parti color. Like always family members fall in love with the breed and before long are calling for their very own Mini. So cute:") Look forward to updates:") 

GO DUCKS!! Meet Gidit :")  She is a black Mini that belongs to my friend Kim Hatfield of Salem Ore. I love Gidgit to pieces !! She obviously is a ducks fan dont ya think ? Gidgit is the doggie daughter of Kyra and is just as cute as could be. This picture cracks me up !! 9-11   GOOOOOOOO DUCKS!!!

Jan Soloman of Eugene sends this adorable pic of her Mandy :") The doggie daughter of Jake& Tinker. Jan is a realtor with ReMax & has big plans for her & Mandy working together to sell homes. Be watching for Bilboards with Jan & Mandy . Below pic of Mandy's older sis Mia:.9-30-11   

Mia is so darn cute ! She is 1 yr old and is the ruler of Joy Lander's home. Jan (Joys Mom) fell so deeply in love with Mia that she had to get one of her own just as close to Mia as possilbe. Same doggie dad but different doggie Mom's it will be real close to a clone of Mia:") Poor Jan used to cry when Mia would have to go home with Joy and Joy couldnt take it anymore and had her Mom call me and to get Mia. Both doggies hit the life lottery when adopted by Joy and Jan:") Here in their Halloween costumes I expect to see many pics of the two together... So cute !!!!  9-30-11

Barb Barckley of Junction City Ore. area sends me this picture of her little "Snickers". Snickers is the daughter of Jake and Sugar's litter. Taking a little nappy poo :") She wont be bigger then a minute when grown and that is what Barb wanted. This is the second Mini Barb has gotten from me and it was sure good to catch up on life with this wonderful Christian Lady... who I call friend:") Look forward to more updates 9-11

Carol Grimes sent me this pic of Wheatie her Mini....He looks like his dad Jake so pretty and oh man look at those eye lashes :") Carol says she thinks of getting another one after looking at the puppies on my website but ... one is all she can handle now . He is so handsome .. Look forward to updates:") 9-11

Jein Park from Portland sends me this pic of Shelby her little salt and pepper girl, doggie parents are Kyra and Jake. Jein writes telling me about how Shelby howls to her singing and that Shelby likes to sit in the window and tan:") So cute with her little sunglasses on:") This is a cute cute pic..thanks for the update Jein and Shelby:") 7-11

Bridgette Condon from Spokane Wa. District Attorney Assistant, sends me this pic of her gal Sadie at work:") Bridgette tells me Sadie is very popular and obviously a help around the office:") Sadie is the doggie daughter of Kyra and Jake and is full of life... SO great to get a update on this sweet little puppy:") And to hear from Bridgette:") 7-11

Kay the mom of Baxter ( on left) emailed me telling me she met a lady with a Mini named Lona and after talking with her discovered Lona was one of my puppies !! Look at these two :") Baxter is getting on up there in age..I still remember him as a little puppy:") 7-11

Jessica Scrader from Junea Alaska was so excited to get her second Mini from me. This is her black/silver Mini Kaitlin. The doggie daughter of Jake and Kyra. She is adorable:") Jessica said she thinks Kaitlin is going to enjoy softball:") Thanks for the update Jessica :") 7-11

Jay Scrader of Juneau Alaska is the other half to Jessica Scrader :") I had sent Kiska all the way to Alaska over a yr ago where she is loved.!! I love getting updates from this great family and now they have added Kaitlin to the family...lucky doggies:") 7-2011

"Porter" This gorgeous white Mini is Porter the pride and joy of Patrick and Gina Smith in Oregon. I think he is such a beautiful guy !! Jake is the daddy and he produces such gorgeous soft coated doggies:") In this photo Porter is 1 yr .

Now we have Skylar ! Skylar is the love of Belinda Goulart's life ( besides her grand kids of course). I hear from Belinda from time to time all the way up in Portland where her husband is a Novelists !! In fact I am excited for him after publishing his very first  Novel...Skylar is a very pretty girl !! Just a chip off the whole Jake block:") 7-11

Oh HOW CUTE is this? This is Megan and Frankie who belong to Sharon from Eugene. I dont talk to Sharon as often as I would like but when I do she has some funny stories to tell of this happy duo:") 7-11 

"Bella" is about too cute !!:") This lucky gal turned one and Larry and Mary Ann Blanky sent me a couple pics of her just so I could see how cute she is:") Jake just produces puppies with such long eyelashes and great dispositions it is great to see the smiling face of Bella...and so great to hear from the Blankys!! 7-11 

Another pic of Bella Blanky from Southern California. Again this is one of Bella's 1 yr birthday pics the wonderful Blanky's sent me to show her personality of play and mischevious behavior:") Such a cute little girl:") Look forward to updates.. 7-11 

Kristi Nelson has two of these little buggers now and had sent me this pic of Huckelberry a while back , I overlooked it but love it and so....I am sharing:") I love the cocked head and he looks as if he is hanging on to every word JUST LIKE A MINI :") Huckleberry is 2 yrs in this phot and Kristi said the best doggie in the whole wide world !! Friendly & smart & tells me thanks for the great breeding...Thank you Kristi for giving Huckleberry a great home! 7-11

Tee Hee !! The dastardly duo of Frankie ( mini) and Megan (boxer).. These guys are obviously like a couple humans just checking things out..maybe the weather huh? I tell you Minis are so smart I DO think they check the weather conditions before going out !:") Sharon from Eugene is the Mom to this duo & is a great lady and fun to hear from. 7-11

Meet Hobo :") I had actually sold Hobo to a couple with a child in Portland &d made the mistake of not having them sign a agreement not to resale him He was placed on Craigslist & Thank God for the man that adopted him !! Andrew has given him the home I thought I was placing him in. Hobo is the son of Jet & Lucy & so great! A lesson learned by me:") 7-11

Cheryl Speer sent me this pic of her Jetta ! Cheryl cracks me up with her email saying Jetta weighs 26 lbs and is ON A DIET !! Jetta is the daughter of Jet  ( guess thats where Jetta came from huh?) She looks exactly like him , I think he even has a scarf like this:") 7-11

I love this Lady Anne Zink !! She is accompanied by her two Minis she got from me yrs back. Ann is a inspiration to all due to the fact she beat breast cancer. She attributes alot of that to the fact she had the minis and they forced her to get up and move instead of laying around not healing.Her son is holding Kay Dee one of Jets kids:") 7-11 

Heres Pedro and Olie the two doggies luckiy living in the home of Tami Morris. First Olie then she decided on a white (Pedro) Tami's sister April eagerly awaits her new white puppy born any day now:") I get some of the coolest updates from Tami and wonderful pics:") Perfect example of what my boys / gals produce.. Happy dogs. 7-11 

This picture cracks me up :) This is Crystal Willis with her kids in Sisters OR. where I met her to deliver Henry her new addition to her family. Her adorable kids were so excited about taking Henry home. Henry is the doggie son to Fannie and Jet and he will grow to be a majestic Mini Schnauzer just like his dad Jet:) 9-10

These two puppies are the cutest things!! Ellen Slopes sent me this shortly after taking Rain and Shine home . After losing her Mini this past yr Ellen decided she would get two and double her pleasure. Truth is Minis do better in pairs keeping each other entertained and occupied. These two are quite the pair :) 9-10

This adorable little girl is from a past litter with Jake the Dad and Lucy the Mama. I love this picture she is grown now and is a gorgeous salt and pepper ..9-10

My dogs on my back deck on a typical day:) On the steps in back are Sugar and Molly:) On the hot tub is Ginger , and the fat pregnant Mom is Lucy:) My dogs have access  to the house not being raised in Kennels... 2010

This is Kevin from Bend holding my dog Kyra in Sisters OR. I met up with a family wanting to adopt a puppy and took along my sweetie Kyra. Kevin came along and fell in love with her carrying her around. I bet his Dad is hearing all about how much he wants a doggie  :).................. 9-10 

These two doll face puppies are from past litters of mine born in 2010. In this picture they are 8 wks old and on their way to their new families who live in Eugene and see each other often. So cute::))

Barb and Pete were so happy to get Oliver this white Mini the doggie daughter of Dyna and Jake:) They all live part time in Beaverton OR. and the other part Pacific City OR . Funny how Barb and Pete were just gaga over this little guy:) Plan on spending time with this great couple:) 9-10

Molly Mannix from Portland OR. sent me this e-mailed pic. She says" Lolabel is 7 mos now and is so beautiful !! She has been such a delight and wonderful addition to our family. She is so smart and loving:) Thanks for such a great dog:)  Molly tells me her girls just adore Lola Belle:) 9-10

Kay from Northern Oregon sent tthis pic of Baxter  Jet & Sophies son. She says Baxter lives by one rule: "God spelt backward spells Dog & God spelt backwards spells Dog & his job is to bring peace & happiness to everyone he meets". & he does. Kay says he grows sweeter everyday thanks to Kathis careful breeding ( Thats me:) tee hee!! 9=10 

Tom & Judith Mcardle sent this pic of Ziva born 8/8/9 who weighs 14lbs :) Judith tells me Ziva is a sweetheart and smart as a whip. Tells me how much they love her thanking me for the wonderfil baby.:) Ziva is the daughter to  Jake & Lucy & is such a cool coloring... she has e liver eyebrows and beard :) Just gorgeous ! 9-10

Bonnie warner wanted to let me know how much her family loves Ella this black mini Sired by Jet & the Dam is Fannie born 6-3-10 so she is 3 mos in the pic. Bonnie say Ella hops instead of running & is good at shaking and waving her paws:) Says Ella looks like a Teddy Bear ( and shes right:)  Bonnie is in law enforcement in Albany Or. 9-10

Trish Anderson lives in Pacific City Oregon. I met Trish when she called me sad because she had lost her Shatsy (Mini Schnauzer) and just knew she had to have another Mini. I loved my time with Trish and her daughter in-law Mary we felt a instant connection and will defintely be spending time together :)  This salt/pepper male is Fritz Sired by Jet and the Dam is Fannie. I love the coloring and temperment of this guy but his stature is beautiful. I described Fritz to Trish before she met Fritz and told her his back legs were shaped like a horse shoe, she knew exactly what I meant and got so excited because her Shatsy was the same. So glad to know this wonderful lady and friend:) 9-10     

Mary Ann Banky sent me this pic of her and adorable Bella Sired by Jake and the Dam is Dyna. I remember how anxious MaryAnn was to get her girl.  Before Dyna gave birth I would speak with MaryAnn and her husband Larry wonderin if Dyna was ever going to have her puppies !:) The Banky's had a deposit on a dark s/p female out of Dyna for months. 

Larry and MaryAnn live in Southern Ca. & drove up to Oregon to pick up their bundle of joy Bella:)  Bella got lucky to be adopted by such a great family. I am anxious to see what Bella looks like after her first grooming & cut. I look forward to updates from this great couple & hope they stop by on their next trip to Portland where they also have family 8-10

Christina Cable sends me a updated pic of her Henry just right after he gets a haircut:) Chistinas brother is a professional photographer and she sends me some great pics from time to time. Henry is the doggie son to Jake and Lucy and has grown into quite the handsome fellow..

This picture taken shortly after the Martins adopted Franki this adorable little salt and pepper. i love this pic with Daniel being such a softy when it comes to Franki. This great family lives in Eugene OR. not too far from our home here in Brownsville. Doggie daughter  of Jet and TInker this gal will grow up to be beautiful :)      8-10 

Sharon Martin one of the two proud people parents to Franki this adorable little salt &  pepper female Mini. Dog Parents are Tinker and Jet. Franki already at 8 wks old climbing the stairs following Sharronl around the house leaving her with No privacy:) Sharon wonders "Who's training who?" Cant wait to go visit them in Eugene OR. where they live. 8-3-10   

Gregg and Joy Landers of Beaverton OR. sent me this photo of Mia posing with her toy dog:)" Everyone loves her and wants to take her home with them " Joy tells me of Mia. Said one day the toy dog carrier began  moving across the floor... she discovered Mia had crawled into it looking for a snack:) Mia is sired by Jake & the Dam is Sugar 8-3-10

Tami Morris sends me some of the best pics of her Ollie this adorable parti colored male Mini:) He is chewing on his frisbee in this pic and Tami tells me Ollie usually folds it in half and then grips it in the middle in his mouth and shakes the heck out of it. He is very entertaining. Tami is awaiting another parti puppy in my future litters.. What a doll:) 6-10 

Heres Todd :) Carol King of Camas Wa. sends me this pic of Todd and tells me he is the envy of everyone he meets cuz of those eyelashes:)  Todd is 1 1/2 yr old and still looks like a puppy to me. He is the doggie daughter of Jake and Tinker and is I am sure a wonderful dog by the e-mails Carol sends me .. What a cutee..6-10   

Kenzo this gorgeous salt & pepper male Mini lives in Dubai with his family the Schaeffers. Kenzo had to wait until he was 6 mos old to fly to Dubai with his family due to immunization regulations traveling internationally. So until he could be with them he stayed with family in Portland.Sire Jet & Dam Lucy. 6-10 I luv this pic:)

Geneva and Bella after a day at the beach. Geneva tells me that they call Bella their little Retrriever in a Schnauzers body cuz she will chase a ball for hrs. Says she is a grat gal...:) Schnauzers are such great companions and so versitle loving the outdoors with their family but loving the curling up and relaxing with the family also.  

Jeremy Klegseth sadly sent me this pic of Odin and Old Gus. Two months after this pic was taken Odin lost his good friend Gus. Very sad !! Poor Odin I am sure he misses his friend as  much as Jeremy  does :(  Statistics show Minis live longer and happier lives if they share it with another dog. Minis are so much like humans its freaky:) 5-1-10

Molly Mannix sent me this picture of Kylie and Lola Belle. The Mannix family  adopted Lola Belle who is Sired by Jet and the Dam is GInger, both are gorgeous dogs ( If I may say so myself:) Lola Belle is just adorable here with her first Schnauzer cut she is so black she almost blends into Kylie:) When grown Lola Belle will be aprox. 17lbs .. So great to get this update ......5-1-10

Tami Johnstone waited pationately until one of my gals had the perfect puppy for her and "Echo" is exactly that, the perfect puppy for Tami :) Echo is 7 mos now and is just the cutest thing! Mama is the doggie daughter of Molly and Jake... so darn cute:) 5-1-10

Kris Cable sends me some of the coolest pictures of Henry her Mini Schnauzer. Here he is posing in his sweater and seems to be saying " yea I know I'm handsome" !  Jake is Henry's doggie dad and Molly his doggie Moma and in this photo he is 5 mos. Henry is a much loved pooch and is such a beautiful guy he turns heads I am sure.... :) 4-10

Tom and Cheryl McCleery from eastern Oregon sent this pic of Dexter just to show me how pretty he is. Cheryl told me Tom tried to train Dexter to sleep in his own bed, so Tom slept on the floor next to him for nights then thought he would just go to bed and Dexter would sleep alone in his bed, but that night Dexter whined and guess where he sleeps now?:)

I love this pic of Robin Bigham's daughter with Daphney!! Daphney is so darn cute and is the doggie daughter of Molly and Jake. I just love this pic:) Robin told me Daphney got spaded and did just dandy. Said Daphney is her shadow and she loves it !! I really love the white Minis and seems many others do too:) Some breeders like to say White are not registerable with AKC which is totally false! Whites and off colors are not qualified to show but are pure bred  AKC registerable.  I personally love the black eyes & nose against the white coloring... Daphney lives in Oregon with her wonderful family the Bigham's 4-10

Cheryl Speer sent me this cute pic of Jetta the doggie daughter of Jet & Ginger:) Cheryl tells me that Jetta is super smart and at 8 wks old has already conquered the potty taining, she fetches just about anything Cheryl throws for her, sits & was a big hit at the vet, infact she had a hard time getting Jetta out of the vets office cuz of all the adoring fans:) 4-10 

Marty and Cheryl Larue sent me this pic of Lola their Parti Mini Schnauzer. The Larue's adopted two Minis a white male named Casper and Lola the Parti female and send me pics of their doggies quite often. The thing I love the most is the Larue's sense of humor in their e-mails Lola is such a cute little girl:) 4-10  

Tyler Watts from Keniwick Washington  adopted this adorable salt and pepper male Sired by Jet & the Dam is Ginger. Tyler is a good sized guy who works at the Walla Walla prison in Washington State, & to see him holding this little guy was so cute. A puppy can melt anyones heart and Minis are so versitle, great for indoors & great for camping & hiking. 4-10  

Kris Cable who adopted Henry this adorable salt and pepper male Mini Schnauzer, sent me this perfect picture her brother took of Henry and Kris. Kris's brother is a professional photographer and took some awesome pics of this pair. Henry is the doggie son of Molly and Jake and has absolutely gorgeous coloring! He is a whole 5 months in this picture... he is so pretty and looks so soft and cuddly. Kris tells me he is just a great dog:)   So great to hear from Kris Cable  from Portand OR. area... Wow it would be great to have a brother who was a professional photograher ...l 4-10

Michael Maxwell giving his Mini a big kiss:)  Michael and Veronica adopted Gehrig a couple wks ago & this last wk I got to babysit him while they went to a concert:) It was great to see them all again and to see how much they just adore this little guy. The Maxwell family also consists of two beautiful girls Darian and Willow and I could see Gehrig missed em all:) It was fun! 4/10

Ollie is king of the  hill ! This parti colored Mini is the doggie daughter of my late Dolly & he looks so much like her its amazing . Tami Morris sent me this pic of her family & Ollie :) I get updates from Tami & her great family... Lots of fun pics with Ollie . Tami had a Dalmation before so obviously she likes  black and  white dogs:) Cute pic huh?4-10

Casey Thames sent me this adorable pic of Bella her daughter Danielle's birthday present :) Danielle got her present a little early and was so happy when I handed her Bella this salt and pepper girl:) Ginger and Jet are the proud doggie parents with such great dispositions I already know what Bella will be like as a adult (plus all the love she is getting from the girls:)4/10 

Molly Mannix sent me this photo of her and her family with Lola Belle their newest member of the family. Lola is the doggie daugher of Jet and GInger who both produce the most perfect Minis possible. Molly and her family are so great and waited so patiently for their Lola:) It was really neat to finally meet them and watch their reaction to Lola.....4-10

Please meet Tami Fuller and her husband Brian, daughters Kalila and Esmee with puppy Jake :) At first they had thought his name would be Charlie but changed the name to Jake. Black is a very popular color in Schnauzers and when Tami contacted me a few months ago she was set on a black. Doggie parents Ginger & Jet..4/10  

Michael Veronica and Gehrig !! This is a really neat couple that has adopted this adorable salt and pepper boy Gehrig named after Lou Gerhig the baseball player:) It  was great getting to know this couple from up around McMinville OR. and I plan on staying in touch and planning some summer events with these guys & their kids:)  Ginger is dam and Jet Sire.

Riley is a majestic black Miniature Schnauzer who lives with Dee and her family:) Dee has been through some changes in her life which has led her to the Ministry. Dee says she takes Riley to church with her to work. Riley is so beautiful .. just a chip off the ole block I say:) Jet is Riley's dad and Tootie is the mama... both exeptional dogs..4-10

This is my most recent litter of puppies and my adorable grandson Tregon:) The puppies are just about 4 wks in  this picture when they decided to escape from their playpen and play with Tregon. So cute !! These puppies are so much fun to watch with Tregon :) 4-10

Sophie is a white Mini who lives with her family in Sweet Home OR. Thelma who adores her Sophie sends me e-mails from time to time updating me on Sophie. Notice Sohie has furry ears:) Most Schnauzer cuts the ears are groomed removing the hair from the ears but it is a personal preference.  I think Sophie is adorable! Doggie parents are Jet and Molly:)

Brad Werstlein from Aloah Or. is the proud owner and will be the best friend to Charlie this gorgeous black mini:) Jet and Ginger produce the extreme of Minis.  Smart and loyal is the definiiton of a Mini Schnauzer :) Brad will spend the summer camping and fishing with Charlie with all of his grandchildren he is so proud of:) Great guy!4-10-10

Casey Thames from Northern Oregon surprised her daughter Danielle with a early birthday present "Isabella" this salt and pepper Mini:) The cousins will enjoy Isabella along with Danielle's sister Abby ! Great to finally meet face to face with this great clan:) My boys are students of Casey's sister Ms. Patterson & they really like alot:) ......4-9-10

Riley Davis the doggie son of Jet and Tootie , enjoys her time at the beach with her Mom Dee:) Minis are so versitle whether it be camping or beach combing or just laying around the house , these  guys are just happy to be a part of our lives. Wow this guy looks like his dad Jet:).....4-14-10

Cheryl Speer came and picked up Jetta after going on a covered bridge tour in the Willamette Valley real close to my home. It was fun to spend some time with her and visit with her friend who owns a Pug named Angel. Jetta is just so black she is almost blue and everything more then what Cheryl expected after waiting 2 months before seeing her little girl Jetta. Doggie daughter of Jet & Ginger born 2-21-10 & weighing in at a whopping 3.8 lbs when leaving me:)4-10-10 

Tom McCleery and wife Cheryl and Dexter on their first meeting in Sisters Or. when I met them halfway to pick up their kiddo. Cheryl has a maltese puppy and now with Dexter their lives will be full of adventure. Last I heard from this crew all was doing well and Dexter is growing like a weed:).......... 3-28-10

This is Charlie !! He is the son of Brad Werstlein of Aloha Oregon. Charlie is only 33 days in this pic but is just adorable and already looking alot like a Mini Schnauzer. Funny how Mini Schnauzers look like Rottweilers when born (at least to me) but by 3 weeks they start looking more like a Mini Schnauzer. Charlie is the doggie son of Ginger & Jet.3-10

Jessica Schrader of Juneau Alaska sent me this pic of Siska her gorgeous Mini Schnauzer :) I remember so well the time I went through sending her Siska ( during the volcano eruption) Jessica is lucky enough to live in Alaska where she is  a lawyer . I love getting updates from Jessica and her family. 3-10   

I think Shatsy is on the left and Susie is on the  right:) Ria sent me this pic and asked me to guess who is who:) These gals are actually aunt and niece because.. Shatsy is Fannie's daughter and Susie is Ginger's daughter and Fannie is Ginger's mom:)  I'm pretty sure I am right but if not then I WILL edit this :) tee hee! Both are very cute and live in Eugene..3-10

Wowee! Alex weighs 160 lbs !! LOL:) This guy lives in Dubai with the Schaeffers. They tell me a Mini in Dubai sells for right around four thousand dollars!!  This boy is the doggie son of Jake and Tinker and actually weighs close to 9 lbs if that:) Very cute!     3-4-10

Echo :) Is the cutest little thing ! At 3 mos. she weighs a whole 6 lbs. Tammy Johnstone from Lebanon Oregon told me months ago that she wanted a smaller sized Mini and she got her wish when Molly had puppies . Tami says "~ I cant  imagine a dog that fits me better~". Echo is a salt and pepper and has such a soft coat, just a cutee pie!...... 3-4-10

I have to tell you that in my yrs of breeding Minis I have never been as touched as this  e-mail I recieved from Ann Zink. In this pic Ann is battleing breast cancer so bravely. . Her e-mail reads long enough that i am including all 4 pics she sent so please see all 4 pics :)......Ann says  "I am alive and well because of these incredible friends. They are incredible!

Meet Sophie the light of Thelma's life:) Thelma lives in Sweet Home Oregon where she owns and operates her Property Management  Co. Thema tells me Sophie is very sweet. I can see a lot of her doggie Mama in her (Molly). Thelma adds in her e-mail " ~ hope you enjoy our beautiful girl as much as we do ~" 3-4-10

Thank you Kathi for all you've done to promote these fine animals. These puppies really saved my life. When the ravages of chemo stripped every ounce of motivation I had, these dogs gave me strength to get up everyday. I would swear to you that they smiled ( and still do) every time we went for a walk together." Ann continues below 

" Their constant joy, and unraveling devotion inspired me to keep up my health  and continue my fight against this awful disease"  " Kathi again Thank you for giving me a new lease on life through these incredible friends" "You have managed to find the perfect balance of joy, love and loyalty in their awsome temperments. signed Ann a devoted fan 

Are these the cutest little buggers you have ever see? These two puppies ( little girl on the left and boy on the right) are the doggie daughter and son of Jet and Tootie so they had no other option but to be black since both parents are black. Jet used to be so black he was blue but with age he too has greyed and has a white beard. He produces such beautiful pups:)

These are the two angels Ann was referring to Kay Dee and Key Lee :) After wiping the tears I remembered how Ann  worried about not having time to take care of them,  as it turned out they took care of Ann!  This really makes what I do so wonderful ! These angels were meant to help Ann through her ordeal and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it:) PRAISE GOD! 3-4-10

Jessica Srader sends me some of the coolest pics of Kiska who lives with Jessica and her family in Juneau Alaska. Jessica tells me that Siska is a busy body afraid she is going to miss out on something:) Such a good girl and very social:) Looks like the snow doesnt bother her either!!   Such a pretty girl :)Seems like yesterday I flew Siska off to Juneau... Alaskan Airlines is great !! very attentive..2-10 

Pilgrim & Lucy  are visiting on the doggie couch Lucy got for Christmas. Pilgrim is actually the son of Molly & Jet but comes to visit and play with Lucy who by the way is convinced Pilgrim is her puppy:) So funny to watch Lucy pin Pilgrim down and groom his face as if he were her little puppy:) He's trying to kick her off and then finally gives up! :)  2-10

Norman and Kathy Wesloh sent me this photo of Heidi at 1 yr old, infact this is on her birthday:) Heidi looks alot like Lucy her Mama in  the dogge world:) Always such a kick to get photos from families I havent talked to in a while and see how their family is doing :)   Lucy is a wonderful dog with such a fantastic temperment..so smart!! 1-10

Mikki sends me this pic of her & Bentley The two are best friends enjoying life together . I think this picture is just adorable:) Mikki tells me that Bentley is just the greatest and funnest dog a girl could have. They go and do just about everything as you can tell by this photo:) Minis dont shed & their coat is more of a hair so they dont have the wet dog smell:)

GO SAINTS!  Hellooooo from Casper and his owner Mona in New Orleans ( obviously Saints fans huh?) This guy is actually my Fannie's brother born in the same litter!:) And wowee zowee do they look alike!!:) This guy goes boating and camping with his family, he does it all!! Thanks Mona for the update and such a cute pic of Casper from New Orleans!  1-10

Lori Olds was planning on her move to New York whe she came and got Lona this cute little mini snuggleing with her daddy:) Lori is a artist and had moved to New York but has since moved back to Oregon:)I hope I get the opportunity soon to meet up with Lori and LOna after all this time...:) such a cute pic of Lona and her Daddy taking a nap...

Debbie Moore sent me this cute pic of Christmas morning at her home:) She surprised her kids with Murphy this black Mini born to Fannie and Jet back in Oct. It was hard to keep Murphy a secret from the kids who were totally surprised to find him X-Mas morning:) Very cute:) 12-25-9 

Another Baxter::)) Dressed as Santa he almost looks like a doggie grinch huh? Not happy::)) What a sport though..tee hee!! Kay has stayed in  touch with me throughout the years. He's such a good guy and has does some pretty cool things in his doggie life with his Mam Kay going on Schnauzer walks etc. ...what a guy!  I love this picture!!

This my little Baby Girl:)  the sweetest little girl amd I just love her :) Baby is almost 14 yrs old now and is still full of energy, infact most people think she is still a puppy cuz of her size and her energy. She only weighs 8 lbs now as she is getting older, but never was much bigger then a minute. Her salt and perpper coloring  fools ya in this pic...she looks more silver and shiny. Yep Baby is a beautiful girl. I keep my girls and guys after they are beyond the age of breeding, sheesh they would be so sad without me as I would without them. :) 

Josh and Dua taking a break from washing the car!::)) Josh and Dua live In Vancouver Wa. From what Josh tells me he and Dua are inseperable:)  I look forward to seeing this twosome when Josh comes and gets a black Mini this spring :) 1-10

Tom and Judith McArdle sent me this pic of them with Ziva their puppy out of Jet and Ginger:)  Ziva is a great weight at 9 lbs and close to a yr old.  Judith wanted a lap dog and it looks like that is what she got:)  What a neat couple from Medford Oregon . I had placed two  Minis with a friend of theirs Barbara Copple, and that is how they found their Ziva. 1-10

Sarah Rodriguez and family from Palmer Alaska sent me this adorable pic of her family with Molly their Mini Schnauzer that flew from Portland Oregon to Anchorage last yr. Lucy produces such sweet pups that grow into such beauties!!:) Lucy is a eye catcher when we go on our walks and so friendly like Molly this pup in Sarah's arms. This is just a pretty family!!))  Love their updates, its so hard to decide between pics to post on my site cuz they are all so great!!

Ziva!!  She us such a  great dog and completes this household from what I am hearing from Judith. Ziva looks a awful lot like Jet her doggie daddy and her mama doggie Ginger.  I like the ribbon around her neck... when I go down south I would love to stop by and see how Ziva and the McArdle's are doing down in beautiful Medford Oregon, 1-10

I had a lady call me wanting to see some pics of TInker and Jakes puppies and this one is one I sent her. I love this pic and I remember taking it in my backyard. This boy was such a scraper but when it came to taking his picture he was just all into it:) He should of and could have been a doggie model:) I wanted to share with all you:)  1-10 

This is a pic of my late  Dolly ...I  miss my Dolly:( ... She was my shadow and constant companion..I understand when I have people call wanting another Schnauzer but not the same color cuz it is just too painful.. I too feel that as I had thought of getting another parti color..but not for awhile if at all..too hard not to think of my Dolly and be sad.  These dogs are such wonderful companions! 

Molly loves her new bed:) Every year I give the dogs new beds and this year Molly really crashed out Christmas morning:) Such a good girl and what a soft coat of hair:) She is just such a great dog and companion to me and my family, We adore our Molly:)

Wheatley lives in Sothern Or with  Carol Grimes and family:) He looks so much like his dad Jake who is my beautiful Stud. Carol tells me he is a cool dog in every way ....Minis are really so much like people that they just seem to complete a family:) Such smart characters you can see the wheels turning here huh?

Lisa Strawn was proud of this pic of her Bonnie( seems to be a popular name) :) Lisa told me Bonnie played in the snow and loved seeing her shadow in the snow:) in this pic Bonnie is 8 mos. old camping at Yellow Bottom Ore. Bonnie is the doggie daughter of Jet & Lucy:) I will see her often around Brownsville Oregon :)))

Tami Johnstone of Leb OR. sent me this cute pic of her beautiful daughter  Missy with " ECHO" what a cool name huh? Tami was anxiously awaiting her puppy when she contacted me months ago.. Tami knew the size she wanted and was happy to have waited for "ECHO" Dam being Molly, Echo can only be a perfect Mini..Molly is such a great dog!!:)

Lori Brown from Portland OR. is now the mama of this adorable Mini doggie son of Molly:) It was so great to meet Lori and her clan who recently lost their Mini Sparky & were heartbroken.When I walked in with Rudy she got all teary eyed telling me he looked like Sparky at that age:)  Rudy wont get more then I expect 16lbs, but ya never know for sure..sometimes they surprise ya!:) I'm sure he wont get as big as their Sparky did..he was close to 40lbs!! wowee! Sparky wasnt one of my pups but was a wonderful dog to this family! I look forward to updates!! 1-4-10

Princess Molly lives with the Rodriguez family sarah and Jamie in Palmer Ak. The kids just love Molly and Molly loves them :) I love this pic !!! Molly is Lucy's daughter and she really looks alot like her:)

Josh sent me some pics of him and Dua his white 14 lb two yr old male Mini Schnauzer. I met Josh a couple yrs ago when he took Dua home. Hadnt heard much from him until lately when he came across my website and has decided he wants a black female to keepn Dua company:) Dua is a gorgeous white Mini a very popular color. Josh is a school teacher and tells me gets lots of help out with his classroom:) more pics below .....1-10   

Dua is the doggie son of Jake and the mama doggie is Tinker. Very cute and so charming as he poses in this picture after his visit to the groomer:) Minis are so much like a person it is sometimes freaky :) great hearing from Josh and Dua who live in Van Couver Wa.... 1-10 


Tami Morris sent me a couple pics of her adorable Ollie whose sire is Jake and dam is Dolly. What a adorable little guy. Tami tells me about how Ollie loves to run around in the snow:) Another pic of Ollie below 1-3-10 ..........Was hard for me at first to look at these because  my Dolly passed away shortly after giving birth to her last litter:( 

Another cute pic of Ollie enjoying her time in the snow. Tami is obviously fond of black and white because she also has a Dalmation :) I enjoy these updates tremendously.:)  Ollie really reminds me of Dolly so it is nice to see pics of her kids:)   

Carol Grimes sent me this pic of Wheately her adorable Mini Schnauzer ... He reminds me alot of his dad Jake with those piercing eyes and gorgeous coat of hair. Carol tells me she hopes I enjoy the pics as much as they enjoy her:) And I do enjoy them bunches!!  

Now  if this isn't a pair to draw to isnt it? This is Bella and Fazi who live with Jamie & Anvy Faltz& family in Anchorage Alaska, and from what I understand they roam the Faltz Nursery as if they own it::)) Anvy contacted me last yr wanting a puppy and was she ever surprised when she went to the airport and was handed 2 adorable pups:)  Good job Jamie! 

Fazi has grown up and loves to play in the snow  with Katrina & the other kids:) Any sent me this pic of Fazi playing in a snow tunnel dug espeicially for him and Bella:) This pic shows how versitle Minis are...great for cuddling and great for romping around with the kids:)  One of these days soon I will be heading North to Alaska to visit Anvy and Jamie & family!!:) Fazi went to Alaska by way of Alaskan Airlines who take great care of any dog flying with them..:)

Baxter!!:) This is one very loved dog! Mam dog is Sophie& Dad Jet. Baxters best friend is Kay his owner and when she sends me e-mails I can feel her love for Baxter:) He truly is her best buddy:)  

Ah!!) How sweet:) Top ids Shatzy & below is Suzie, both reside in Springfield Or. with Anne & Ria the family of this fruewome twosome:) Shatzy is sired by Jet and the dam is Ginger, then Suzie is sired by Jet and the dam is Fannie...making Suzie Shatzy's Aunt:) Both completely adored by all!!:)

Lots of people seem to like the name Bella as did Geneva cuz thats what name she gave her salt and pepper girl sired by Jake and the Dam Fanny. Funny thing is Fanny likes to raid my fridge and Bella likes to shut closets as Geneva tells me:)   

This little black and silver boy is a Idahoan:) Terri from Idaho needed some help placing some puppies and this guy was one of them I helped place... he is so darn cute here sitting in his wagon:) He gave me no problem while I took his pic:) what a doll !!  09

Came accross this pic of one of Ginger's girls and wanted to share. This girl is now grown and is a gorgeous choc/tan Mini that lives in Sutherland Or. I remember how small she was, like a little bird:) The tummy was so pink:)

This is Chloe doggie daughter of Dolly....Alma and Abel from Myrtle Creek are the lucky  new  owners .....isnt she cute.. This doggie will be aprox. 10-12 lbs when grown but think she is the size of a rotweiller:) 1-10

This pic is so cute !!! I took this two yrs ago of one of Lucy's little girls and remember it like it was yesterday. This girl was so black she was almost blue just like her doggie dad Jet was when he was a pup.She's all grown up now living in Central Oregon:)

Typical day at my house with Lucy Ginger and Fannie crashed on the sofa! My dogs are not kennel raised and sleep just about anywhere they choose:):) They are family!

Mark and Geneva came to pick Bella up after  the ducks game, Marks brother plays for the University of California. It was way fun talking to these guys. Geneva was so anxious to get Bella and was surprised at how much she had changed through the pics I had sent her.. These guys live live in Northern Oregon.     

I came across this pic of one of Fannie's puppies from a litter in the past yrs. I think this girl is the cutest little puppy just posing for me ..:)This girl is out of Jet and Fannie and must be right at 2 yrs old now

Hailey thinks she is a Alaskan doggie playing around in the snow! Her family Thomas and Lauren just adore this wonderful dog with such a great personality. Minis are such characters and so humanlike sometimes you EVEN forget they are a dog:) Just another example of one of Molly's puppies all grown up:) Below another pic of Hailey 

WOW! What a cool picture of Hailey riding back from a day in the snow:) Her coloring is so beautiful and boy does she seem to love the outdoors. Minis are so versitile and really just enjoy being part of the famiy tagging along on all adventures. :) Hailey is a salt and pepper female 

Casper reminds me so much of all my Mins with this hose draped over him!:) Robert and Barbara Bogden sent me this pic and said "Casper is happiest while playing with any type of hose. Let's me know how much they love Casper and you can tell by this pic he is one happy dog... I cant get over how much he looks like his Mama Molly:) He's a 2yr old white Mini

ollie has a favorite game and it is trying to unwind the ball of string:) Tami tells me Ollie looks at her like "See what I did"?  Ollie is such a beautiful dog and from what i understand lots of fun. Ollie is the doggie son of Jake and Dolly and is the desired size for the family that travels alot or RV's being the perfect lap size:) Ollie is a black and white parti color

Got this pic the other day from a great lady who lives in Sun River Oregon close to Bend. This gorgeous doggie is Hanka a liver and tan color. The eyes are a hazel and he weighs close to 12 lbs . Hanka does more traveling then most people all over the place collecting alot of air miles:) Hanka reminds me a bunch of his dad Jake possesing the same color of eyes and size of frame etc. Hanka is absolutely breath taking... 

Molly feeding her babies!!:) SO CUTE!  This litter was 2 white 2 salt and pepper and 2 black, something for everyones taste.  Molly and Jake are both such great dogs and silky soft hair really makes them popular and their puppies in demand.

Tami Morris sent me this pic of Ollie and Tami's husband out playing :) Ollie is about 6 months in this pic and is a parti color just like his Mama Dolly. Ollie was so darn tiny when Tami took him home that its amaing to see how much she has grown:)

Sasha sees a cow!!! My friend and proof reader Megan sent me this adorable pic of Sasha so into the cow!!::)) Sasha has such soft hair just like her daddy Jake...and Mama is Tinker.....  

This is Hailey Rudge! She lives with Thomas and Lauren and rules the roost:) Thomas tells me she is so smart and doesnt bark just to bark:) She loves to pester the cats and has a amazing personality. Hailey is the doggie daughter of Jake and Molly and is 2 yrs old in this pic.

This picture is of my son Jake with Bonnie and Clyde taken by a reporter for the Democrat Herald Newspaper in Albany Oregon.  Bonnie is the dog daughter to Lucy and Jet and in this picture she is right at 8 mos old.. The paper was deoing a story on dog trails throughout Oregon. 8-9

This kiddo was out of Hope and Jake, I have since then retired Hope. This boy was so tiny but had the mind set that he was as big as a Rottweiller:)  I just love this pic  and can remember taking it

Sydney with her new Mini Schnauzer Walter at home  in Eugene Oregon. Sydney's mom Marjorie wanted a  Mini to keep Shelby their rescued doggie company, and boy is he company!:) Walter (great name named after Walter Cronkite) came to me from a friend of mine in Idaho Terri Heath needing help in placing Walter and his siblings. Great dog !! 9-7-9

Look at Wheately's gorgeous eyes !!::)) Wowee Zowee!! He is a beautiful dog :) Carol and John from Grants Pass sent this picture to me and I absolutely love it!! He has such long eye lashes they almost dont look real, just like his doggie dad Jake and his doggie Mama Tinker Bella  

Last year Jerri adoptedLucy this white Mini (Tinker's girl) and when her Bischon passed Lucy was so lonely that Jerri adopted Scout (Hopes boy):) It was fun to watch Lucy and Scout play together, just like ole friends they jumped around and ran around the house with smoke rolling off their heels:) It amazed me how much Lucy acts like her doggie mom Tinker ! Just as big a clown:)  Jerri lives in Eugene and I plan to spend time with her and the doggies:)..... 8-9

Once in a great while I will have a dog that just doesnt fit into my family of Minis. That was the case with Hope and my schnauzers. I had hope for 3 yrs & she was always such a mellow sweet girl, after I had  her spayed I decided I would place her in a loving home here pictured with Karla her new mama. Karla had already adopted a puppy from me & Hope fit right in her family:)

Hope at her new home in Salem Oregon looking out the window . Karla sent me this photo the evening after I delivered her to her home, What a great dog and it broke my heart to adopt her out, but knowing she will be in a happy home loved  by her family made it much easier. I love this picture:)  And I love Hope...She will be very happy in Karla 's family 

Fazi and Bella live in Anchorage with their family the Faltz. Anvy and Jamie have a nursery there in Ak. and months back i put the two on a plane where they were welcomed by house full of kids and  love.  

On  a recent camping trip up to River Bend In Oregon I took this pic of my sister Denise McDougal while she sat on a log loving on her Mini Ebony :) We believe Ebony to be right around 13 yrs old. Being a rescue dog sometimes we never know the true age because of the lack of care previously provided its hard to determine age plus no paperwork. My sister rescued Ebony 5 yrs ago:) Ebony is a doll and Denise takes her everywhere..9-9 

Onyx (Mini Schnauzer) and big sister Lucy have their playtime together each day from what Alice Holden of Florence Oregon writes me:) It really is a crack up to watch these Schnauzers wrestle around with dogs so much bigger then they. To hear them growl and shake their heads playing like they are so big and bad to the bone :)  9-9 

Lollie is a fuzzy wuzzy chocolate liver Mini Schnauzer who lives in Anchorage with her mama September Cassidy . Lollie is the doggie daughter of Dolly and Jake and when full grown wont be over 13 lbs tops!  Lollie flew on Alaskan Airlines to Anchorage  when she was a tiny puppy;) 9-9

Dudley Janeaway came and picked "Boji" as the families new pet ( or should I say they are now Boji's pets:) Here Boji is spending time with the grandaughter in the plush green grass Dudley tells me Boji likes so much. I told Dudley his name would be great for a Schnauzer (Dudley:) but he said it might seem a little vain to name his dog the same name as he:)

Carol and John met us in Grants Pass to pick up Wheatley and take him home to Eureka Ca. Such a nice couple it was a pleasure to meet them halfway:) Wheatley is the doggie son of Jake and Tinker and really traveled well on the way down chewing on my fingers etc. Minis are such great travelers which helps make them one of the top ten dogs in the Nation!:)I look forward to hearing from Carol and John and Wheatley:)

Two of my Minis playing in my backyard.  The bottom white Mini is Sugar and the top male is one of Terri's pups for sale at this date. It is a crack up ! 

This handsome& charming beyond belief boy is Adam :) He and his Mom Michelle drove from Klamath Falls OR. to get Moose ( we met halfway:) !!The name  Moose really fit this guy because of his coloring and size. Terri a friend of mine in Idaho and  needed some help placing a litter.He was one I placed:) Terri has a awesome bloodline and it really was obvious in this litter :)  What a cute puppy and what a great family I hope to hear from them periodically and see what Moose looks like when grown.

Olie loves Cassidy's hair:) Tami Morris sends me this cute pic of Olie and Cassidy playing on the deck ( at least Olie is playing:) Tami tells me how much Olie has grown . Olie is the doggie daughter of Jake and Dolly. So cute 7-9  

Wowee Zowee!! Talk about a view!  Mike and Sophie pictured here are enjoying the great outdoors on Silver Star Mt. in Wahington State. Kathleen tells me how much they love Sophie and how she is such a great doggie:) 7-9 

Kristi Nelson sends this pic of Huckleberry looking at the camera with a confused llok on his little face :) I personally like the ears natural  like Huck's for one reason you really get to see the moods and expressions thru the position of ears :) Huck is a cute guy and looks like he could be alot of fun to be around. Kristi and Ryan love him a bunch!:) 7-9 

I have already posted a couple pics of September and her Chocolate Mini  Lollie but...this pic is so darn cute I couldnt help myself.If you look real close you can see the hazel colored eyes :) Such a fur ball and so small and cute :) I look forward to more updates on Lollie and September..Both great gals:) Lollie doggie daughter of Dolly and Jake 

Tami Morris from Northern oregon, holding her new parti colored puppy. Tami & I had been talking, I sent pics  & told her how tiny her puppy was but the surprise on her face when she got her new tiny puppy was cute:) Her last dog was a Dalmation, so it is obvious she likes black / white but this time went a little smaller:) This puppy is the doggie child of Jake & Dolly :) 7-09 

Barbara Cook and her husband drove all the way from Caldwell Idaho to pick this black and silver male puppy of Terri's up. He is a doll and looks  real close to their late Maggie. Black and Silver is a pretty hard color to find.This guy is exceptional in color and temperment:)  I llok forward to updated pics of them..7-10-9 

Bonnie Bell sent me this pic of cat,  Maddie, and Jake. After losing Tuffy their older Mini, they first adopted Jake and then Maddie. They tell me they say 100 times a day how happy they are they got the two minis. At night they hear the dogs out back with the cat playing and it brings a smile to their faces:) Great family I love hearing from them:) 4-09  

"HELLO FROM JUNEAU ALASKA"! This is Kiska the mini whom Jessica Schrader and family belong to:) Kiska flew off on a airplane weeks ago to Jessica and her family where she has just become the belle of the ball from what Jessica tells me. I couldnt decide between the 3 pics sent to me so I posted all 3:)This is pic #1  Below are #2 and #3 pics    

Jessica & her family went camping & of course took Kiska who also went swimming after she noticed she was alone in the boat, she dove in even though she isnt crazy about the water:) Most minis dont care for the water but some do...I guess Kiska just isnt one of em:) So now Kiska is the all around camping, swimming, hiking & fishing Schnauzer! 

Pic #3 of Kiska the Alaskan dog:) She looks like she has had just too much fun in the sun! Jessica told me about how friendly Kiska is and how one day she came home to find Kiska across the street visiting with an older gent:) She goes around the neighborhood greeting folks:) Jessica says she has to watch her like a hawk:) Cute! 7-09

I had a gal call me wanting to see some pics of a parti pup & I came across this doll face parti girl! I remember when this pup was carried around by me in my blouse as I did my chores, she was snoring up a storm just all warm and comfy!:) I think she is adorable and wanted to share this pic on my site:)  She is the doggie daughter or Dolly& Jet :)

Cutee  Kasey and her mom Tawny and her mom Paula Page from Lebanon Oregon, are the proud owners of this adorable salt and pepper male. Paula is going to surprise her hubby with this guy for his birthday. Recently losing their older MIni Paula was telling me her husband is really wanting another so..she got him a awesome present. 7-6-09

James and Alice from Florence took home Onyx this little salt /pepper  girl after losing their Mini "Chevy" and needing another. Alice told me Chevy got his name because James wanted a 56 Chevy. Alice got the dog, named him Chevy and she got her Schnauzer and he got his Chevy:) I wonder what this pups name will be! 7-6-09

Lisa Strawn  sent me this picture of her Bonnie sitting in the flowers.  Daughter of Lucy and Jet this girl looks so much like her dad and has such a great temperment. Bonnie will be aprox. 16 lbs when grown (if that)... Bonnie is so black she is almost blue!! :)  So cuteeee!! Swim like a fish with her buddy Clyde ...Lisa has to rescue Bonnie cuz she swims out and stops at the first rock and stops to rest ..then she doesnt want to swim back..Lisa tells her "Ok you get out there again and you are staying :) YEA RIGHT!! ::) 7-6-09     

Diesel & McKenzie playing in the backyard are just the cutest !! Dawn sends me these picsof her daughter and new puppy they have had now for a month. Diesel's dog folk are Jet and Fannie both awesome dogs with great temperment.. I love this pic and I wanted to share it :)

Shelby Wilkins sent me this pic of her daughter and Joey crashed on the couch. So cute! Joey is the doggie son of Hope and Jake and is absoutely gorgeous with hazel colored eyes.  This family lives in Portland so hopefully we can see each other and I can watch the changes in Joey. These puppies change so much so  quick !:) 7-1-9

Meet September Cassidy from Anchorage Alaska, and her little Choc/liver female puppy Lollie !  I sent this adorable puppy to September and her husband Cody on Alaskan Airlines where the two were anxiously awating her arrival. Lollie is the doggie daughter of Dolly and Jake the dog dad. I have become close to September the past month talking almost daily and sending her photos of her ever changing puppy. After losing her Mini September really needed another buddy ... I couldnt decide which pic to post so I listed both... I love this one...below is another  6-26-9

September and Lollie again..I asked September if she wanted her groomed with a Schnauzer cut before I sent her and she said " Na I want her to look all fuzzy cuz after the first cut they look kinda grown up" :) Which is true.. Lollie is 8 wks old in this pic and will live the life of a princess.. Cant wait to get down and visit them all in August:) 6-26-9

Shelby  Wilkins took her choc. liver male puppy home to meet her daughter and boyfriend. This guy will look alot like his doggie dad Jake when grown. His eyes are a emerald green ..so prettty !! I cant wait to get updates from Shelby who lives in the Portland Oregon area ..  I met Shelby in Salem to save her driving time.. 6-09 

Kelly, Mike,  Kennedy, Karlie & MoJo pictured here in their back yard in Albany Oregon :) They were so excited to get MoJo . Kennedy told me on the phone recently that MoJo is fun!! Kelly who teaches school in Albany I guess felt she wanted a boy since she has two girls:) Minis are like children& do believe they are human! Cute family!! 6-22-9

Charlie & Billy Mixxon recently adopted this gorgeous little girl from Hope & Jake's litter. I' ve recently spoken with Charlie who tells me he is happier then he should be:) Said this puppy has brought so much joy to his life already & tells me she is the smartest little dog ever !:)  This family resides in Portland & I hope to see them all  again 6-24-9

This is a pretty darn good pic for a camera phone:) My son took this pic of his families dogs Bonnie (schnauzer) and Clyde(Chesepeak Retriever) ::)) What a pair these guys are...Bonnie thinks she has to do everything Clyde does including cruise around in the back of my son's truck..pretty funny !! Bonnie is the doggie daughter of Jet and Lucy .6 mos in this pic 6-22-9

MoJo is the doggie  puppy of  Jet & Fannie & now lives in Albany Oregon with his new family the Gillotte's:) In this pic Karlie& MoJo have just met moments earlier & MoJo is really diigging the feel of the grass under his feet  ! This family is so awesome! When MoJo is not sleeping he will be well entertained by Karlie and her older sister Kennedy:)... 6-20-9

One of Tinker and Jakes gorgeous puppys. This girl is headed to the arms of Tina Corbin  who lives in Palmer Alaska  works at Kendal Ford in Wasilla.This family has recently lost their Mini. This precious girl was sold but circumstances have interferred and instead of staying in Oregon she will travel in a climate controlled airliner to Anchorage AK. I wanted to share how cute she is ....hopefully I will be posting a update on this un-named puppy...So cute!:) ....6-22-9

McKenzie and Diesel !!:) Is this just about the cutest little pic you have ever layed your eyes on?  Diesel is only 9 weeks old born the 8th of April (my son Dylan's bday):)  Diesel is of course black like his dog dad Jet and he will stay black. Dog mom is Fannie who is white. What a cute pic of both these babies:) who will grow up together and be best friends. Steve and Dawn Nelson from Portland are the parents to McKenzie and now Diesel. I look forward to updates from this great family:) 6-9 

This perty little girl is Kiska who lives now with Jessica Srader an attorney in Juneau Ak... Kiska is 9 wks old  in this photo and the daughter of Fannie and Jet born 4-8-9. Jessica says she is convinced Kiska is a genius :)  Fannie Kiska's dog mom is so smart..she opens the fridge and steals food all the time..rolls it out the doggie door ! Kiska is a chip off the ole block ! 6-9

Autumn is one of the two minis the Copples have gotten from me in the past few years. Always good to hear from them and get updates on Autumn and Annabelle pictured right below this pic. The Copples are interested in meeting other people who love Schnauzers as much. This doggie is so cute ::) 6-9

Annabelle was the second Mini the Copples adopted. If you notice her ears are done and Autumn above has the natural ears. Both are cute and very loved by the Copples who live down in Southern Oregon. Annabelle is in a trance!:) 6-9

My son took this photo of my husband holding two of my gorgeous white female girls recently purchased from a friend back East. On the left is Dyna and on the right is Willow. They are such great little girls and so bonded to each other..... I love them and get so excited when I get new puppies !! Thanks for the pic Koda !! 6-9

Dawn & Steve & McKenzie Nelson  took Diesel home to live the life of luxury :) Seriously he is a lucky dog ! Both Dawn and Steve work for the Sheriff's dept. in Portland so it wouldnt surprise me to find out Diesel has become  a police dog like the Boise PD has used in the past.  I look forward to updates from the Nelsons ..a great family..6-09

Andrea Simms sent me this pict ure of Mashia...I guess that is Hawaiian since Andrea is !! This puppy will and is filling the empty spot left after the loss of Trevor the guy that just passed not 3 weeks ago. It is really amazing how many families feel guilty but soon realize they need another puppy to love. :) This guy will be such a blessing and so loved! 6-09

Megan sent me this funny pc of Sasha looking at a cow. I wrote Megan back and asked her if Sasha was really looking at a cow and she assured me she was. What a goofy little look on her face:) s such a card! 6-3-9 

Pic I took for Pam Willis of her 2 pups . They are so darn cute I wanted to share them. Just  to the age where it is fun to take their pics! I sell my pups by photos & try to take photos for clients weekly at least. This is the most recent pic. So cute ::)) I have the best job in the world..I get to play with puppies all day.. 5-20-9 

Amy Keiser of Portland sent me this pic of her choc. liver "Indy" ! He is now 7 mos. old and she says quite the Mama's boy, even likes to jump in the shower with her and take a shower:) He has hazel colored eyes and is stunning !! Sire is Jake and Dam is Dolly :) Notice the brown nose and green eyes..  5-20-9

It just doesnt get any better then this pic of Portland's Lori Duffen's boys and their puppy Midnight:) This is the first time I have seen a pic of Loris' boys with Midnight and I think they are adorable!! They look like they are on a Austrailian adventure:) Midnight is out of Jet and Fannie and will stay black as a chunk of coal....     5-19-9

This little girl will be spending her life in Fromberg Montana with her new family Lorraine Neiss and husband. This girl wont be very big or tall..she is going to be a show stopper (already is)..black is a very popular color in Schnauzers. This girl was potty trained to a doggy door when she left me ..the ideal puppy ::)) I look forward to updates on this cutee and from Lorraine. They previously lost their Mini and couldnt imagine life without one..so this girl will be very adored !!... Fannie is the Dam and Jet the Sire     5-20-9

Meet "Huckleberry" !!:) Sarah Rodriquezi from Palmer Ak sent me this photo of Huck trying to chew this tree down :) Sarah tells me he has brought so much joy to their lives and is such a card to watch. We had a heck of a time getting him there but he flew in between volcano eruptions and was welcomed with open arms!Sarah a teacher will be taking him to school with her and boy then he will just be a heaven !! So cute:) 5-7-9

Kathileen Durham sent me this picture of Sophie after her  hair cut. She thinks something tastes perty yummy from the looks of this photo:)  Sophie is the doggie daughter of Jet& GInger.She will look like her Mama when grown..A very much in demand color& size. Ginger and Jet are great for family life hiking, camping or climbing on your lap for a snooze.... 5-7-9

Meet the newest Guardian Angel on my site "Miss Molly" who has since passed on to fly with the angels. She was a constant companion to September Cassidy from Anchorage Ak. until her untimely passing. She wasnt much bigger then a minute when September and Brian took her home to love and cherish. September is adopting a chocolate pup 5-5-9

Marty and Cheryl sent me this pic of Lola and Riley .Lola is a parti color and of course Riley is a white Mini. I love this family they are the coolest and send me some of the funniest e-mails describing life with their two Minis. Cheryl said she was taking Riley to the groomer and would be sending me some more pics real soon...::)) Riley was the first puppy they adopted then they had to have another and picked Lola ...doesnt she look like she has a attitude? 

Bobbi Yambasu sent me this picture of Herakles "Henry". Bobby told me her daughter took this picture and what a cute one it is !! Look at those eyes...such a cutee.. Just aother of the gorgeous pups my Jake throws...Look forward to more pictures and updates... 4-30-9

Penny drove down Sunday from Seattle to adopt Buddy this black mini. Penney already had a rescue doggie gracie and felt gracie needed some dog company . Buddy is the doggie son of Jake and Mabelle.  Buddy is going to a wonderful home in Seattle.4-19-9  

Bonnie Bell sent me this picture  of Maddie and Jake with their new friend (the cat) ::))) I have so many people call me and ask me if cats and Schnauzer puppies/dogs get along...well here is the proof !! Looks like the cat tuckered the dogs out ::)) cute !! ....4-18-9

Kathleen Durham sent me this picture of  Mike with Sophie their Wheaten colored girl. Sophie is the doggie daughter of Ginger and Jet . It is always great to hear from the families who have adopted my puppies...This family is very close and Sophie is a very lucky girl !!!   Sophie lives with her family in Portland Oregon. 4-13-9

Carole sent me this great photo of Margo & Todd crashed in their little bed. They are best buds as you can see  in this photo !::) Minis do very well being a only pet but they really  enjoy the company of another doggie  clearly seen here. Notice the difference in the ears? They are both natural::)

Lori Deffens  took home this puppy Sire: Jet &  Dam:Ginger. Not quite ready for a puppy she was just looking when   her boys said"Mom you should bring home a puppy today"  instead of waiting Lori took this little girl home! ..Adorable !! By the way today is my son Dylan's birthday ! 16 yrs old !! Wow ! 4-8- 9

Lydia Bernard sent me this photo of Botti reading:)))  Lydia tells me that Botti is just  one of the boys...Botti lives in Portland with his family ..........Love this pic..4-9

Morgan Gardner sent me this pic of Murphy her little girl Mini Schnauzer sleeping with her toy snowman :) Morgan told me Murphy is a joy and great to travel with. I knew Murphy would grow up to be adorable but she exceeds my expectations !!! Such a cutee !!!! Morgan and Murphy live in Northern Oregon...

Baxter is 7 yrs old in this picture Kay sent to me of her Baxter ole buddy ole pal. He is so gorgeous and very loved!!! His doggie Mama is Sophie and Dad Jet. The pair produced some very sought after puppies due to the fact the temperment was just unbeatable and the size . So Handsome!!

Sarah Rodriquez lives in Palmer Ak. This is Eli & Molly !!!! Molly a adorable salt and pepper female Mini made it to the Anchorage Airport after 3 attempts and  delays due to the volcano  erputions. I cant wait to meet this family when I go to Ak. on vacation. This little female is the daughter to Sire:Jet and Dam: GInger. Sarah is a school teacher and will be taking Molly with her to school....wowee Molly is going to love that !! Minis Love children and entertaining ....:) 3-9    

Anvy & Jamie owners of Faltz Nursery in Anchorage Ak. Both puppies are Dam:Lucy & Sire:Jet's pups & traveled from Eugene OR to Anchorage to their excited family. It took awhile due to the volcanic eruptions but they made it ! I will be traveling to Ak. in June & will be spending time with them:)  

This is Lilly !:) Helen Hames is the owner of Lilly..or maybe it is the other way around.??::)) Lilly is the doggie daughter of Jet and Lucy and is a gorgeous salt and pepper in color. I love her eyes ..she looks as if she is reading your mind in this picture...:) Helen sent me this photo a while back and I just love it  !!!::)))  

Becky and Russ came with the intention of taking home one puppy . Becky told me she had a dream and she had named the wheaten boy Russ is holding O'Reilly so he was a shoe in...then Belle was actually the original puppy she had intentions of adopting.  3-9

Jimmy is a best friend to both my sons . He is crazy about Molly this salt and pepper  female puppy headed to Palmer Ak.  Molly has already taken a airplane ride as far as Seattle but because of the volcanic eruption she wasnt able to make the trip and was sent back home. . Very cute...!!3-9.

This is Mia..salt and pepper in color and adored by her human mom Carol ...Mia is a little on the larger size then Sasha ..who is owned by Megan ( my proof reader) Megan took Sasha home and Carol fell in love with her and soon Carol wanted her own Mini..What a great lady and home for Mia. ..Pics of Sasha all over this site.. 3-9

Melody brought Toby over yesterday @ 5 mo. old   for his 1st schnauzer cut and WOW!! That was a real blast !!:)  Toby is the doggie son of Jake and Dolly both listed on my parent page. Toby was Mel's x-mas gift from me !!:)  Toby is a parti color

It just dont get any cuter than this picture of Art and I think Ruby? Art and  Kelli adopted two babies and they are real close to identical. i took this picture of Art kissing at the puppy and thought it was definately worth sharing..::)) Look forward to updated pictures as the yrs pass...so cute !!:)   3-09

Aeriall and Holland were so excited today to get their little puppy "Rambo" the doggie son of Jet and Ginger. A referral brought them my way and  I love to see families as excited as they were today.. Rambo will be living up in the Portland area and I look forward to many updates :) 3-09   

Kathy and Norm Weseloh from Lake Oswego Oregon. They took Sophie home today ! Norm has never had a dog and Kathy always has..she grew up with every kind of dog you could imagine and this time decided on a Mini Schnauzer. My bet is she will  be hooked on minis after this..Sophie is the doggie daughter to Jake and Maybelle and is salt and pepper. Sophie is on lucky dog.:)) )3-09 

Kelli & Arthur Leask have proudly adopted the two black minis from Ginger & Jet's litter. ! Roxy and Ruby !! The Leask have one of the closest family networks I have ever seen..they are all just the most wonderful people and I am so pleased Roxy and Ruby with live with them in Thurston Oregon.

Sarah and Aaron came and got Star their new little family member. Star is the daughter to Jet and Ginger. This is the first and only puppy or dog Sarah has owned and is so excited ! Now on the other hand Aaron grew up around farm animals so this isnt such a new thing to him..but Sarah is adorable with Star.. I plan on keeping in touch with Sarah whom lives in Portland Oregon,  because of her nervousness ..and just plain cuz I like her :) 3-9

Helen Hames sent me this picture of her granddaughter and Lilly their Mini Schnauzer. Lilly was such a gorgeous puppy I knew she would be a gorgeous adult with her markings as such. Looks like Lilly is just a hit in the family. Truth be known Lilly probably thinks she is a human member of this family. From what Helen tells me Lilly is incredibly smart and just a great dog. Lilly is salt and pepper in color. 3-09

Jaxon (white Mini) Jessica  and Judah (black Mini) Jessica sent me this pic of her and her two Minis..she had already adopted Judah but decided on another and this time chose white.  She has her arms full in this pic but the two guys dont seem to mind it too much:) I look forward to more updates from her and her doggies!! 3-9 

Tozer is gorgeous!! The Bowler family took him home last March 8th 2008 and report to me he is the smartest most loyal guy. Their son Zach calls him his brother:) the family consists of Ian, Krista, Zach, Emma, and Maddie and of course Tozer the Schnauzer! Krista tells me her niece is deathly afraid of dogs until Toser. Now she thinks her expecting mom should name the baby Tozer. Tozer is 23 lbs at 1 yr  of age. He sure looks alot like his daddy Jet ! 3-09

I love this little girl !! She will be traveling with me to Alaska to her new Mommy Sarah Rodriques in Anchorage...but not for a few weeks so I get to hold on to her till then...she is adorable..her mom is Ginger and dad Jet. Oh she is so cute !! 3-12-9

It  just doesnt get any better then this family the Durhams from Portland Oregon. Mom Susie , Dad Mike, oldest son  Nick , little sisterEmily and  Nathan! Dad just got off graveyard shift to drive down today and get Sophie their new wheaten colored mini l !! He's a tough guyl!! Ginger is the Dam and Jet the Sire. 3-12-9

Jennifer  and Mr. Einstein sitting in the living room......   so cute ! Jennifer is in contact with me from time to time and is hoping to get a white Mini when Tnker and Jake have their babies. 3-4-09

One afternoon my son Koda and his buddy Eric snatched a couple puppies and I caught them sitting on the front porch with them. Everybody loves puppies !!! The puppy Koda is holding is Jet and Fannie's and the  pup Eric is holding is Tinker and Jake's. The puppies all get a lot of socializing before around this old house. 1-14-09

Gary and Pat live in Bend and were so excited about Shasta joining their family. Shasta is a salt and pepper female sired by Jet and the Dam is Fannie. the way Pat decided on the name for Shasta was cute..she said"they were driving past Mt. Shasta one day and she said to herself "Wow! I like that name for a dog" and that is the story of how Shasta got her name! I look forward to updates from this great couple from Eastern Oregon....  3-1-09

Tom & Maureen Nieland sent me this photo of Nanny McPhee :) Nanny is 3 yrs old and used to live in Florence OR. until they moved to Louisiana. It was great to get a update on this incredible family. They say they are moving back someday...and we will have to get together then !! Look forward to more updates !!!..  3-2-9

Cora Lambert sent me this picture of her recently passed KC . Cora tells me KC who was her whole world is so deeply missed and she is feeling the need for another Mini Schnauzer. So heart breaking to hear of KC's passing. I am posting this picture in KC's honor . What a beauty and she will not be forgotten for all the years of happiness she provided Cora. I am told by Cora KC was her snuggler and her protector ......I have a angel on my site watching over us all !!! 

Kristi and Ryan are the proud parents of Huck ! :) He is a wheaten male sired by Jet and the Dam is Fannie. Huck will probably be close to 18 lbs when grown..just the perfect size for a couple wanting to do some hiking and camping . Jet produces gorgeous puppies with gorgeous coats..3-1-9

Jake is a lucky dog being held in the arms of Eva Lee Bell ! Jake was the first of the two this family of Dale, Bonnie and Eva Bell adopted into their wonderful family. Jake is a energetic and loving little guy who was sired by Jake and the Dam Tinker. Maddy is pictured below and the newest member to this family and she is sired by Jet and the Dam Fannie. The size difference should be about 8 lbs when both are fully grown.  Jake is one lucky little poochie!! 

Meet Maddy !:) She lives with her new family the Belle's who had already taken Jake home. I met this family on a bitter sweet day. It was the day they found out their dear "Tuffy" was about to pass. It was so hard on this family as they took Jake knowing "Tuffy" would not be there long.

Murphy Before and after shots !! Below is the picture of Ceribee's gorgeous Murpyy. He is a real cutie and Cheribee sends me pics of him regularly. He is the son of Jake and daughter of Hope. What a cutie..!!  It surprises me how many people want their puppy uncut when the pick it up..some just like em all fuzzy..the fact is in the winter it is a good idea to keep them kinda long cuz they get cold too !!

What a difference a haircut makes huh? Looks like a completely different dog !!  Murphy has hair like his dad Jake ..really soft and curly..what a gorgeous dog.. It is becoming quite common for families to want their pups unclipped and this is what really shocks me is that some want the tails long !! That just doesnt look like a Mini Schnauzer to me !:) But even with a long tail they are still gorgeous..:)

Botti the Mini Schnauzer with Polar Bear the snow man.  Lydia Bernard sent me this picture and told me that Botti is like the 4th son...they have three human boys !! Everyone tells them Botti is like their son too..2008

Vic and Tiffany sent me this pic of Belle and Pepper is listed below....Vic and Tiffany live in Eugene Oregon.

Pepper is the son of Hope and Jake ..he is a gorgeous salt and pepper ...he lives in Eugene oregon with his family of Vic and Tiffany and Belle and Pepper.12/08

Megan sent me this picture of her handsomely cute son holding their Mini Schnauzer Sasha. Megan has become a good friend and we stay in touch via e-mail ..she also proof reads my website (thank goodness :) )  Sasha is the doggie daughter to Jake and Tinker 12/8 

Baxter !!!! This guy belongs to Kay , one of the best ladies I have ever known. She is so dedicated to Baxter in making his food and she claims it keeps him youthful!! He is getting up there in age if memory serves me right he should be about 7 now. He is such a ham huh? Thanks for the photo Kay !!:) 12/8

This is Lola !!!  Marty and Cheryl just took her home on Friday the 12th of Dec. Lola is the second Mini the LaRue's have adopted from me, Riley being the first (white and gorgeous)  Lola is the doggie daughter of Jake and Hope & will weigh close to 10 lbs when grown.  She is so cute !!!!  12/16/08

Peter sent me this picture of Indy  and it melted my heart !! This little guy is 10 wks old and weighs 3 lbs 2 oz. !!! He is the son of Jake and Dolly. He is adorable !!! I cant wait to see what he looks like next photo..he has hazel colored eyes and soft soft hair. So cute they say they cant stop cuddleing him..I can see why :)

What a great picture of the Carter family  Kyle , Nikki, Marcus (Schnauzer) and Desi (Lab). Looks like they had a blast at the coast with the doggies.  12/8   Marcus is typical of my Minis ...very smart and independent.

Nikki sent me this awesome picture of Kyle and Desi (Lab) and Marcus the Mini Schnauzer...They said "the vet told them since Desi loves to swim it is a good idea to let Marcus learn from him" . Nikki says they are truly the best of friends. This great family is from Northern Oregon and sent me some way cool pics..12/8 

Jessica sent me this picture of Jaxson "Jax"..He is very comfortable on dad's lap.  Jax is the doggie son of Fannie and Jet. Very black and very smart just like his folks. He will grow into a majestic gorgeous black mini schnauzer who will rule this families life..I look forward to  updates! 12/8

The coloring on this puppy Cruz is so extreme I absolutely love it !! I told the Andersons when they took him home if he had been a girl I would have kept him !! So beautiful !! His doggie parents are Dolly and Jake  and this guy will more then likely weigh no more then 12 lbs when a adultIn this pic the puppy is 4 wks.

11-29-8 Megan  Knueppel of Beaverton Oregon has named her little salt and pepper girl Sasha !! Sasha is sooo tiny and is the daughter of Tinker and Jake. Megan has been so excited about getting Sasha that we have become great friends and she my proof reader on my website:)  Sasha is just adorable !! This pic taken by Megan with her cell phone !

The Anderson family from Northern Oregon. They took Cruz home where he will have lots of kids to entertain him ! Cruz is a dark chocolate with tan markings and  breathtakingly gorgeous! His mom is Dolly and Dad Jake. Really really nice family  and I know he will love as much as he will be loved 12-9

Mona sends me pics of Casper every now and then. This one is a crack up to me !:) he has assumed the pose in his new sweater. I cant tell if he is proud of it or hates it:) Sasper lives the life, he boats and runs all over the neighgorhood way down younder in New Orleans. I love to get these pics from Mona:) Great temperment  one of the proud qualities of my breeding.

Wow ! This picture was hidden away in my cabinet and I came across it this morning! Ths lady is Mel and the story goes..I got a phone call from her friend who had accidentally run over Mel's Mini. She felt so bad she needed to get Mel another best friend and chose this guy. This pic was taken right after she handed the pup to Mel. Talk about a tear jerker..taken 2005

I had to post this picture of this little choc/liver boy. I got SOOO much response over this little boy after posting this picture on my puppy page. So cute and a fiesty little guy !! He went home with Lisa Johnson and her son Bret 11-23-8 all the way to Redmond Washington. I lvoe this picture ..he just looks like a stuffed toy !! His eyes are turning a hazel and against his gorgeous choc/liver coat he is so gorgeous !! 11-23-8

Janette already had gotten Annabella from me but wanted another. She chose this adorable chocolate little girl and as you can tell Anabella loves her too !! This is such a cute picture of the two Minis cuddling! Maggie (the Chocolate Mini) is the doggie daughter to Jake and Hope. In this pic she is 7 wks.  taken 11-20-8 by Janette.

I have met some wonderful people  through out the yrs and the LaRue's are on the top of the list! Great family  from Vancouver Wa. and Lola will join Riley their white Mini Schnauzer who has prepared a place for Lola. Lola a parti color the Sire  Jake and Dam  Hope.  Here she is 7 wks in this pic taken 11-23-8  

Janet  has become a good friend of mine since first adopting Bubba on the left and now Maggie on the right(Janet in the middle) Maggie just went home with Janet 11-21-8. Maggie holds her own against Bubba and will be close to the same size as the big brut!    11-23-8

Jeremy and Melissa sent me this picture  of Odin all kicked back in Jeremy's hands. Odin is the  doggie son of Fannie and Jet and now lives in Portland with his new family.     10-08  

Stevie Ray Vaughn looks like a spook in this picture that Julie Redford sent me.  He is holding one of his favorite toys in his mouth and I bet he turned around to make sure someone was chasing him...so cute ...and so familiar cuz i play that game with all my dogs.

Molly is such a good mom and she has the cutest little puppies..I love this picture of the babies suckling ...so peaceful...so sweet and innocent.

My friends the Copples sent me this picture of Annebelle and Autumn playing in the snow. Both dogs have the best temperment and such great buddies. All my Schnauzers love it when it snows and so do these guys !!          11-11-8

Kaydee & Eddy !! I hadnt heard from Kaydee and Chere in  4yrs . Then they contacted me about getting another puppy. Eddy is about 24lbs and his chin is greying already ..a family trait passed on by his dad Jet:) Cheree (Kaydees mom )took home her newest addition Murphy home Nov. 10th picture of Murphy above.

So many people ask me what the puppies look like whenthey are just a week or so ..and here are two of Fannies puppies when they were just a couple weeks old (chunky monkeys ) Their ears are still up and their eyes are just barely opening..I love this picture their little tummies are so pudgy and cute :)

Cheree is ready for another mini and has chosen this little boy ..Most people do end up getting another Mini Schnauzer if they dont buy two right at the get go. It is true they are happier and statistics show they live longer and healthier in pairs..plus the entertain each other and Minis really do like entertainment. 10/2008

Janette will take her puppy home close to Thanksgiving. Janette has already gotten a little girl Mini Schnauzer from me and ready to add another member to her family. This puppy is absolutely gorgeous !!  Dam Hope and Sire Jake 10/2008

Lisa Vonboggett flew out to Oregon from Chicago to get her little girl and drove back with her friend Mike. This picture shows how Mike is hoarding the puppy from Lisa ..it was funny Lisa trying to get the puppy from him..she finally just gave up. This puppy was a surprise present to her hubby 8-08 

This little parti colored male grew up to be so handsome. Everyone  is amazed at how smart this guy is..Last I heard Max was 6 lbs and was 4 mos old. I had such a hard time taking this picture cuz the puppy was so young and eyes so unfocused..but I like it ..

Virginia came today and took Zoee home. She has just lost her dog to what we beileve was a pesticide . Nothing heals a broken heart like a new puppy..Zoee is the sweetest little thing and all girl..We will visit  Virginia soon and see how spoiled Zoee is ..:) 

This is a puppy Sired by Jet and the Dam is Fannie. Too good to pass up I had to take this picture...This picture actually made it into a newpaper in California after I sent it to a gal interested in this puppy. Needless to say Ashely Timmon adopted Tiffany and they both live in Southern California . .Tiffany is a sleeping beauty.

Marilyn and her black Miniature Schnauzer Sassy !!! They travel with a Christian Motorcycle group and have a heck of a good time doing it . Sassy has her own little leather jacket and side car..so cute!! Since she sent me this picture her and Mac have gotten another Mini from me. 

This is Gypsy and Rosie. Last year I met a lady interested in a parti female .She saw the two girls and had to have them both because she just couldnt make up her mind on which one to take. From what I understand they are both quite a handful,cute little buggers ..The mama is Hope and Dad is Jake.  

Brownie and Josh used to live not far from our home in Brownsville. We were able to watch Brownie grow into a gorgeous adult dog. His eyes  a hazel color and his rare coloring is a definate conversation peice. His dog parents are Dolly and Jake both listed on the Ladies and Gents pages . Dolly produces gorgeous chocolate puppies in every litter.

I have met some great folks through my years of breeding Minis but...you just dont  meet people this  everyday. They are Linda and Richard from Marsing Idaho. They are holding puppies out of Sire Sarg and Dam Muffy. These puppies were so doggone cute !! 

This is Stevie (Schnauzer)  and his dad . They came to visit and ended up taking home Louee another black male Schnauzer puppy.   The parents are Tootie and Jet both listed on my parents page.

The Vetters bought this white male puppy from me 2 yrs ago. They all live in a small town outside of Philomath Oregon.  This white male is out of Jet and Molly .

Hard to believe it is the 17th of Oct. in this pic of me and a "Obee" on our  way to Independence Oregon where we met his new Mommy.. " Obee" is a white Mini Schnauzer who will live in Washington State with his new family the Erickson's which consists of Trevor, Renee, Alex and Trisha. This little guy really did enjoy the ride with me and it was such a gorgeous day to take a drive. :)   Wow! What a memorable day this was !!! 10-17-8

This is Odin !!!! He is one of Fannie and Jet's puppies, he will be going home to his new family soon. Mellissa and Jeremy are anxious to get him home where he will be spoiled with lots of love and attention... I took this pic for them today 10-15-8 and thought it was so cute I wanted to share..

Morgan hadnt had Murphy very long before taking this picture..infact I believe she said it was on the way home from my house in the car. Ah so cute !!! The daddy is Jake and the Mama Mabelle. 10-9-8

Julie Wandell sent me this picture of her Dad  (Tom Marmo) and Nicky a couple days ago. Nicky looks quite a bit different as a adult dog then as he did when a puppy. From what I understand they live down South around the Medford area. Nicky is alot of company to Tom actually his best friend. Miniature Schnauzers have the nick name "People Dog" because they are so much like people !! They look you in the eyes with their almost human eyes and you just know they can read your mind ....Mini Schnauzers are so smart its scary sometimes !! It was way cool to get this picture and I hope she sends more !!!  10-9-8

I came across this picture this morning and just had to put it on my site...Look at his itty bitty tongue!! This is a chocolate/tan Mini Sired by Jake and the Dam is Hope..Infact there is one identical to this in the litter just born days ago..it is on my puppy page..Soooo cute..This little guy grew up to be 9 lbs and lives in Brownsville with the Halsted family..I get to see him alot! 10-5-8

Balua is holding "Murphy" this wheaten female Sired by Jake and the Dam is Mabelle. Murphy is actually going home with Morgan ( Balua's aunt ) but Balua knew Murphy was the puppy for her aunt as soon as she laid eyes on her.  Morgan and Murphy will live happily ever after in Portland Oregon!!  10-8

WOW!! This photo was sent to me by Mary Jo from Sun River where she and Hanka live. Hanka is a liver male aprox. 7 mos. sired by Jake and the Dam Hope. They are both gorgeous I love this picture!! I am just really glad to hear from her and read her little stories about how full of life  Hanka is..Hanka is a very loved dog. Hope and Jake have once again become parents ..check out my puppy page for the newest arrivals.. !! 10-1-8

Marcus (the Schnauzers) and Desi (the Lab) sent me this picture with a little help from Nikki their Mom. Marcus hasnt been a member of the family for more then a week but you sure couldnt tell it could you...the two-some are the best of friends !! I like this picture , it is cute and cuddly ! 9-29-8

Miniature Schnauzers are a decendent of the poodle and Alphenpincher (AKA Monkey Dog) and you can see the monkey here huh? The black puppy on the right really looks like a baby monkey!! I took this pic this morning of Fannie and Jet's kids...I think they are so cute !!..... 9-28-8

Lori sent me this picture of Lona with her halo after surgery . Lona and Lori live in New York with cat Larry and Dad (i never met him) ..Lori tells me that Lona and Larry are madly in love and that the surgery upset the love birds because they cant cuddle as close.

This picture cracks me up !! This puppy looks like he is just sooo disgusted huh? This is a litter of Molly and Jake's puppies that are..... 1 1/2 yrs old now..Molly  and Jake have the cutest puppies with really soft coats. Infact Molly  and Jake are  due to have puppies In Oct.

This is Mauti who lives in Jackson Hole Wy. now. Brenda Thomason tells me Mauti stayed about the same color as she is in this picture I took of her last fall. Her dog parents are Jet and Lucy, and she is now 12 mos old. In this picture she is only 10 wks old and already trained to a doggy door..

Shawna Amerson sent me this picture this evening and INSISTED I put it on my site !!! I am holding Hope and her puppy son  (get this name) HOMER!! I told Shawna I would put this on my site if she changed Homer's name!!  I held up to my part of the bargain:) Homer is  liver & Hope a Salt/Pepper. 9-08 

Jeremy and Melissa came by this morning and picked out their puppy..unsure of what they will name him but their thinkin on it. Sire Jet and Fannie the dam. It is really cool that they came by and picked out a puppy this weekend because.....it is their anniversary !! Congratulations !!!

Elizabeth sent me this Willy with his gorgeous hazel eyes..HE is a dark Liver . The parents are Jake and Hope who produce just awesome doggies..We were unsure for sometime just what color he would be but he is starting to really take after his daddy..He lives in Portland with a family of great people..From what i understand the neighbors play a big part in his life also..He is a doll !!!

Gorgeous Miss Bentley at Christmas time !! This is a puppy I sold to Mikki a few yrs back and she is the daughter of  Jake and Hope (who by the way are expecting babies the 3rd of Oct.) ..Last report Bentley weighed 9 lbs and was doing great..She is soo pretty and so loved. Mikki takes her EVERYWHERE !!

Kathy sent me this adorable pic of Joey some time back . He is so darn cute and black as a chunk of coal...very typical of Jets puppies and even Tooties. Joey isnt very old here in this photo and I havent heard from Kathy in sometime ..I really hope to hear from her soon and get a update..Gosh this doggie is so cute !!   

Ashely and Jason Carter took their little boy home today but still are unsure of the name,   This light colored salt and pepper is sired by Sargent and by Muffy. What a lucky dog !! Ashely grew up with a Mini Schnauzer and really wanted another one. This is Jason's first doggie EVER !! 9/11/8

I Love this picture !!! This little guy is one of the three puppies just recently sold sired by Sargent and the Dam is Muffy. He was such a card !! He just wanted to talk to me all the time and I was telling him to just sit still so I could get a pic and he was howling at me ...it was a riot !! I thought everyone else should get the chance to enjoy it too!!  9-10-8

Greg and Molly came and took their new boy "Dutch" home yesterday. The craziest part of that sentence is my sons middle name is Dutch! This little guy is the doggie son of Sargent and Muffy  who are just great dogs. I guess Dutch will probably grow to a weight of about 14-16 lbs and stand aprox.

This is my son Dylan back in 2006 holding Emma and Nanny two puppies who now live in Tacoma Washington with Melissa Rimes and her family. Dylan was watching tv holding the two and I couldnt resist taking this pic. .The Mom is Hope and the Dad Jet..

Jeannie Jarose and her two puppies from obviously two different litters. Unfortuanately the chocolate puppy never made it home as it passed at 6 days old. That sometimes happens for unknown reasons but my belief is too many puppies and not enough milk.

Lori sent me a funny update on Lona here with Larry the cat (newest family member) Lori said it was love at first sight for the two of them. In this pic Larry had been with them only 3 days & the two are best friends !! Lona traveled to New York  from Oregon with Lori & did just great all the way !

7-2-8 John and Linda took Daisy home today where she will be very loved and have a great life. Like so many Schnauzer lovers after losing their 15 yr old Mini last month they knew they needed another one pretty quick..Life is just truly better with your MIni Schnauzer. Neat..Neat people!

7-2-8 ..Sarah came and picked up her Izzy today....sooo cute !! Izzy will live in Eugene with her family and if I were a betting woman I would bet they will be back soon for another puppy!! Statistics show that Mini Schnauzers do live longer in pairs..plus Minis need so much entertainment...!!

Victor and TIffany Cink sent me this pic of their two   Minis Belle and Pepper !! The two are aprox. 6 months and out of Molly and Jake . They enjoy their lives in Eugene Oregon.

Jack and Barb White sent me this pic of Trixie...they said " Trixie sticks her nose in the water and the fish come up and kiss her and she jumps back." Tixie is one yr old..and weighs aprox. 18 lbs, Her parents are Jet and Dixie.

Harley is the traveling Schnauzer ..he has been to more states than most people..he lives on a RV with his family of Neil and Shirley Pederson and he will soon be heading for the East coast now that he has covered the western portion of the US.They tell me Harley is a great dog....  Harleys parents are Jake and Tootie.

Annabelle and Autumn ...two of my favorite Mini Schnauzers..and their owners are great too..The Copples send me some great pics that I have to share...Schnauzers are so awesome!! 

Thelma sent me this picture of her Sophie and friend! How funny is this? Sophie is a white mini about 2 yrs old now..lives in Oregon outside of Lebanon and is one lucky doggie...but dont tell her she is a dog she just wouldnt understand!! 

Meet Marilyn's "Honey Bun "..... This little girl is out of Tootie and Jake and has been with her new Mommy for a week now..her sister is Sassy a motorcycle riding Mini Schnauzer. They all live in Roseburg and we stay in touch thru e-mail , the best people in the world! 

 Tauzer the Schnauzer !!  Jennifer Flicker  sent me this pic of Tauzer..Jennifer said Tauzer thinks he is the cutest and her husband absolutely loves him..He is so darn cute !!! Petco really does take some great pics as you can see. Tauzer is the son of Baby and Jet so he is definately a adult doggie now.. Last I talked to Jennifer he weighed 14lbs at 9 mos. of age. 

One of the neatest families I have ever known is that of Patrick and Barbara Copples of Medford. This is Patrick holding Annebell  and Autumn the two Mini Schnauzers they adopted from me. Patrick is a good sized man but when  they  look at him with those admirring eyes he melts ! This is a recent pic of the two gals Barbara sent me..what cool people.... 

This is Shelly and Randy Wilson's little girl Sophie !! She is a wheaten color and from what Shelly told me she is the best thing that ever happened to them..I believe this pic was taken by Shelly .What a cutie !!!

I absolutely adore this picture of Antanya's kids and their  sparrow.  I hear from Antanya from time to time and she thinks he is the smartest dog in the world @!!! What a pal he is to her kids..

I took this picture of  Eva two days before Eva flew to Salinas California to Madonna Slate and her family. Eva was bound and determined to catch the butterfly over head..very cute...I loved her determination and from what Madonna says she is like that about everything  !!!    

Deloris sent me this pic of Shuga her salt and pepper female at 7 mos. old. Shuga is very popular at the groomers where this picture was taken. Deloris has since lost her husband and says without Shuga she would be lost. Suga weighs right at 16bs and her folks are Jet and Sophie. 

This is a parti male I sold to a gal in Lebanon that adores him . Since then I have recieved many e-mails and phone calls asking about future litters and expressing the desire for a parti color. He's a  cutie !.

Sassy  is the love of Marilyn from Roseburg Oregon. Sassy travels all over the country in her special made side car on Marilyn and her husbands Harley they ride for Christianity. Sassy has several jackets for the occasions.Sire is Jet and Dam Tootie 

 Sired by Jet and the Dam is Hope. These ittle ones went to the same family in Toledo Oregon the Alans. Melly on the left and Telly on the right        

The puppy is Murphy and Hal adores him! Murphy is a bit of a handful because he thinks he is a rottweiler and very protective of his family. All in all he says he is the greatest little guy a guy could want.

This is Sophie being held by Thelma Bradys husband(whom I never met) She is just the light of their life.Thelma her husband and Sophie reside in Sweet Home Oregon . Thelma tells me quite often what a blessing little Sophie is in their lives. The Sire is Jake and the Dam is Tinker .

Peppy is the pride of Janelle. Peppy loves his toy and cant sleep without it, or should I say nobody else can sleep if he doesnt have it !! Such a cute little guy! Runs around until he cant run anymore then crashes...typical puppy..Sire is Jake and Dam is Hope .

Gypsy and Ginger live in Northern Oregon with the Murphys. Mary couldnt make up her mind when she was trying to decide and took both !! Mini Schnauzers do so well as  a two-some anyway it was a great decision.They keep her active and young. 

This gorgeous chocolate lives just down the road from me in Brownsville .! He is a incredible dog, weighs about 9 lbs. In this picture he was 5 mos. Sire is Jake and Dam is Dolly.

I love this picture of one of Fannies litters..This little feller grew up and went to live with a family in Alaska. He is a salt and pepper and weighs about 16 lbs from  what Lori Miller of Fairbanks reportsThe sire is Jet. 

This handsome salt and pepper boy is Henry and he and Shawna Sotto of Portland Oregon belong to each other. As you can see he is very allert and ready for just about anything anywhere.She has told me about how much fun he is and from her recent e-mails I think she is thinking seriously about getting another . He just looks like a character doesnt he?  Henry's Sire is Jet and the Dam is Sadie who is retired. 

This is Kali a black Mini that flew to Anchorage Alaska when she was 10 weeks old. Cathie Woods of Anchorage e-mailed me with this pic of Kali and Ashley .

Fannie isnt real happy with me in this picture. This is one of my favorite pictures , Fannnie reminds me of the dog on the Grinch That Stole Christmas . She was not liking the hat AT ALL..  HO! HO! HO!

Gretchen lives in Sisters Oregon with her family the Strobes. Gretchen is sired by Jet and the Dam is Sophie who is now retired. She has grown up to be on the larger scale weighing aprox. 19 lbs like her mama

Reilly is the name of little black girl . Her color is typical of my puppies .Jet is the sire and Tootie the Dam both black .Black Minis are very poular. Most people dont know that the original coloring of a Schnauzer was black and when a litter was born if it were any other color then black it was eliminated. Of course that was many years ago, still so hard to imagine.

This picture is labeled "Majestic White". This is a older picture but one of my favorites. I sold this puppy to a gal in Washington who would prefer I didnt list her name for personal reasons. The Sire is Jet and the Dam was Molly.

This is Sassy and Melody Karpins loves her...she is tiny and weighs 9 lbs. she is a chocolate color.

I almost kept April this  wheaten colored Mini Schnauzer girl. She is a absolutely stunning dog .  The Sire is Jake and the Dam is Ginger.

This parti colored Mini  is Lola. Kevin Jones bought Lola for his wife Brenda for her birthday and said "he gave her a surprise birthday parti" Lola weighs aprox. 14 lbs. and stands 12 inches from foot to shoulder. Her dog parents are Hope and Jake.

Meet Max. He is a handful even though he is 2 yrs old now Terri Richards tells us he is just full of it!I have seen him a couple times in the last yr. and he is just such a pretty dog with a great disposition and he loves to play just like most of your 2 yr old Miniature Schnauzers. 

A good friend of mine took this picture in her gorgeous back yard . We didnt realize the cat was stalking the puppies and neither did they! It was only after we downloaded the pic that we realized the humor in this pic!     

I got a phone call from Julie Wandell  a couple yrs back and she wanted to buy her dad a puppy for his birthday. This is the puppy she gave her dad and made his life complete.  My sons  had named him Puppy Dew..dont know why anyone would want to change a catchy name like that but they did..to NICKY . Julie and I still stay in contact through e-mail and her dad just loves Nicky and Nicky just loves him ! 

This little girl is Named Maddy ..and Maddy lives in Emmett Idaho with Jennifer Beasley (who just happens to be my niece) . Maddy is grown now and weighs quite a bit for a Mini ..I think Jennifer told me Maddy was right at 28 lbs. Her doggie mom is One of my retired Mas Sophie and doggie dad is Jet. She is still just as cute and adorable but she is on the larger size. I dont produce puppies this size any longer with Sadie and Sophie being the two that produced such big girls..Still beautiful...Look at that face !!

Meet Miss Bentley who is the absolute world to her best friend Mikki. Mikki wanted a small cuddley Mini Schnauzer and that is exactly what she got..Havent heard from Mikki for quite some time but the last time was when Miss Bentley was about 8 mos.and she weighed aprox. 7 lbs..Mama Hope and Dad Jake.

Spring is the perfect name for  Rainy's gorgeous white Miniature Schnauzer. She actually named her as soon as she saw this pic of Spring that I took and sent her, she said she looked like she was about to spring out of her basket..Spring is aprox. 16 lbs and is 3 yrs old now and completes Rainy's world.  Rainy says it is funny how a Mini Schnauzer can look at you with those eyes and it is almost as if they are reading your every thought . So incredibly smart!!! Spring lives in Seattle Washington and even does some clothes modeling around Halloween time she models costumes for pooches !! Cracks me up !!

Ellen Holmes and Elvis live in McMinville Oregon.   Elvis is grown now and weighs 17 lbs. Dixie and Jet are the parents of Elvis. 

These are two of Tinkers puppies that will be living in Hayden Lake Idaho with their family that cant wait to get them home. I took this picture this morning 3-31-8 the puppies are 10 days young !!

I have had so many people asking about wheaten colored Mini Schnauzers so I thought I would post a pic of Ginger when she was a puppy. Ginger is aprox. 12 weeks in this pic. Wheaten tend to lighten up as they get older.Ginger is listed on my ladies page and just had puppies the 6th of June 08. 

  Melissa Briggs bought this gorgeous pepper and salt male from me and named him Jessee. Her last report to me was that he weighs right up there at 18 lbs but it is all muscle. His mom is Lucy and dad is Jet.

Meet Steven and Jeannie Jarose. After losing  one of their precious Schnauzers life was lonely for Sissy their aging Mini , Steven and Jeannie. So much so that they bought not one but TWO more babies to assure they always have Schnauzers at home." Life is lonely without them" Jeannie told me. 4/08

Christine Fenter's daughter holds Christine's new   wheaten colored Mini Schnauzer puppy just 2 weeks old. This little boy will join the families other pet Belle a white Mini Schnauzer from one of my previous litters, when he is ready to go home. Dam is Molly and Sire is Jake. 4/08

Lori had me take a pic of her little girl Lona this morning. The puppy is sooo cute I had to share it with more then Lori..this puppy is out of Hope and Jake .

Meet Baalu !!! His proud people companion is Nirinjan from Eugene Oregon. Baalu is right at 22 Lbs and is a yr old. He probably wont get any bigger . They love him and think hes about the smartest dog ever ..he even rings the bell when he needs to go out..Beautiful

This is Rocky !! His mom Trina from Toledo tells me Rocky now weighs in at 16 lbs and is a favorite at the nursing homes along the Oregon Coast. In this pic he is 12 wks old. Sire Jet and Dam Fannie. I remember taking this picture he really seemed to care less !! 

This is Casper and Mona's grand daughter..Mona lives in New Orleans and Casper was the first dog I ever shipped so far. He loves to go out in boat with her husband and fish. Casper is beautiful but the little girl is adorable !!! Casper is out of Fannie and he is 3 yrs old now.. 

Tucker is a male salt and pepper Schnauzer Sired by Jet and the Dam is Fannie. Tucker lives in Vancouver with his family the Amersons. Last report was that he is just the greatest friend to their kids and thinks he has one purpose in life and that is to get the kids home from the bus stop safe and sound !!

I just loved this puppy's personality it was as if it were saying "What Ever" when I took this pic. This pups mom is Tinker and dad is Jake. Kelly Holson came from Spokane and picked up this boy she named Spike because of the spike on his head.He is now 15 lbs in the summer and 17 during the winter.. Kelly tells me she cant remember life before Spike he completes her.

Chocolate parti Minis.Milo and Ottis are about six months old. They live in Eugene with the Vennis family not too far from Brownsville. Milo and Ottis are the names and running and playing is their game. They have just started their puppy classes so we are looking forward to pics and updates on the duo.

Bentley is boating with Mikki..She is so cute and loves the water sports ...I love her little life jacket how cute is this...Mikki and Bentley live in Northern Oregon and I get e-mails from time to time with updates..I love this pic !!

Barbara Bogden came today fell in and took Capser home .. What a great lady !!! I know he will have a great life at home with Barbara and her husband...who by the way will be surprised to come home to a puppy!! Casper is almost 4 mos.  and his Canine folks are TInker and Jake. 6-30-8

This is Stevie Ray .. Julie Redford from Portland sent this pic to me thru e-mail just days ago. Julie will be coming down this weekend to pick up another black male pup to keep Stevie company. Soooo cute !!  Daddy is Jet and mama is Tootie

Mary Jo fourier wasnt sure what color her Hanka was going to be from day one. When Hanka was first born he looked wheaten but by the time he went home with Mary Jo it was obvious he was a Liver which is not a color I get often. Hanka is on the left and MaMa Hope is on the right in Mary Jo's arms..Hopes ears are cropped which I dont really like but they were done before I got her...I prefer the natural..Jake is the Dad. and Hope is the mom...Hanka and MaryJo live in Sun River Oregon..

Julie Redford took home her second Mini Schnauzer today. Stevie has been the only feller Schnauzer for the past two years and now Louee will help him run the household in Portland Oregon.

Karla wasnt sure which color she wanted but decided on this black female out of Gingers litter Sired by Jet ,ready to go around the 26th of July.  Her husband is holding the white male pup Sired by Jake and the Dam is Tinker. 

Cheryl andf Marty LaRue came and took Riley home today...What a great family !! They will soon be adding another puppy to the family around Christmas. Riley is one lucky doggie!! This puppys Mama is TInker and Papa is Jake..wow this puppy is gorgeous!!

Vickie Mathews came and picked out her little guy this morning 7-26-8 I am thinking she said his name would be McDuff..Her adorable grand daughter Anna helped along with Mom and Dad and brother..Anna is holding another little guy ourt of the same litter.The Sire is Jet and the Dam is Ginger. Chubby little tummies and lots of puppy breath !!  What neat people....it was really a joy meeting this family ..very caring and I just really enjoyed them VERY NICE !! 

This is Hi di  who is now about 4 yrs old and lives in Washington state...She is the daughter of Jet and Tootie...very cute and very loved..Bill and Linda sent this to me and said " thought you might want to see how beautiful their little girl has grown up to be....And they were right.!!  I love these Christmas pictures...this Santa just doesnt look like he is having a very good time :)

Lori Olds and Lona traveled to New York shortly after she left my home with Lona. Dad was waiting in New York for his two girls..apparently they were all a little tired !Lona is the daughter of Hope and Jake...Looks so comfy! I was so happy to hear from Lori ..I was curious how the two did traveling from one end of the country to the other...Lori said she was a great traveler...So cute !!

  Meet Perrie and Barb (humans) and Lulu (Schnauzer) and Dottie(Westie) A few yrs back LuLu went to her 20 acre play ground just outside of Junction City where she is adored by her family. I hadnt heard from Barb in yrs but today was pleasantly surprised to recieve this pic via e-mail !

Elizabeth Jenning sent me this pic of her Willy...he is very handsome..Willy lives in Portland where he is surrounded by those that love him..he has a very special family. Mom is Hope and Daddy is Jake..Willy is a liver and pepper color.His eyes are just to die for !!I recieved this pic today and had to post it right away..what a cutie !! 8/8/8 

Dwight Beaudry came today and took home his new buddy Finn...I meet some nice people doing what I do and Dwight is just the greatest guy..Finn will live with Dwight in Hillsboro where a white Mini already rules the roost.....   Finn is really a lucky pooch !! 8/8/8

8-9-8   .....Beautiful  Anella is holding the little male Mini Schnauzer that she and her parents came to see this morning. They are surprising her Grandma with this little guy. No better gift then a puppy to brighten your life. This boy is sired by Jet and the Dam is GInger..He will grow into a majestic gorgeous male Mini Schnauzer.  I believe his home with be Klamath Falls Oregon.  Anella's folks Matt and Angela are super neat people, pleasure to meet. 

This is John and Linda Grow's Daisy !! IS she a doll or what !!! I had this on my computer this morning and thought I better share it cuz it is just too cute...               Daisy is Jet  and Ginger's little girl.. She really reminds me of the way GInger was at this age... Daisy is entertaining her new family reports Linda..I am so glad Daisy is living with the Grow's ..couldnt have a better family and I look forward to more pics of Daisy as she grows up.. In this pic she is 10wks old.. At this date 8-10-8 I have two of her siblings available..listed on the puppy page..Wow she is cute !!  

Vickie Mathews sent me this pic of McDuff who is out of the GInger and Jets litter born the 6th of June 08. His coloring is turning out to be just about like GInger..He is gorgeous !!! Ginger was more of a wheaten at this age but her coloring changed after her first litter to a silvery color.. WOw !! This is one perty doggie!!

Barry and Silvia sent me this picture of them and the doggies ...On the left is Doggie Lucy and on the right Doggie Heidi...arent they cute?? Lucy is not out of my line but Heidi the black female is out of Tootie and Jet. Heidi is now 2 yrs old and is very loved..What a nice family...When Silvia got Heidi she said Lucy needs a buddy

I met the two coolest ladies yesterday  Janet & Janelle..Janelle is from Marysville Wa. and she now has Bella this salt & pepper girl ..and Janet from Portland has named her guy on the right Bubba ! Janelle &  Janet have been best buds for over 32yrs and decided to adopt their dogs the same day out of Jet and Gingers litter born 6/6/8..The last of the litter ..so cute !

Toby the Schnauzer..and his old feller friend..I love this picture Juie sent me of the two doggies together napping....This looks like a very cozy home the two of these guys have..Jet is the SIre of Toby and Tootie the Dam.

This perty girl is Jessee who lives in FLorence with her family the GIllocks. Some of my e-mails I recieved from Gayle was that Jessee was the hit of the Hair salon when she would go to visit..everyone had to tell her just how adorable she was..and now I bet Jessee expects the same attention. Mini Schnauzers are a show stopper and attention getter..SHe is soo cute !!!!

I hadnt heard a peep from the Waddingtons for about 2 yrs ..when they got Pepper the now grown Mini from me..now they have this adorable salt and pepper that looks like a mini Pepper..wow they look alike..This family is made up of Dad (Paul) Mom (Kathie) Top Ryder and bottom two are Mitch and Mason....Mitch told me it is a good thing to know me cuz when he grows up and moves away ..he will know where to go and buy a Mini Schnauzer !!! 9-23-8

This is Austin and Jack  Douglas holding Rudy the parti colored and Rudy's litter mate un-named. Kathy and her family came down and fell in love with Rudy but the boys were really torn between the two..they both are so darn cute..The Sire is Jet and the Dam is Lucy..both great dogs with awesome temperments..Really enjoyed visiting with them..  9-23-8

What a gruesome pair to draw from huh? This is Rosie and Lilly who reside in Hayden Lake Idaho with Cynthia Jorgeson and her family. Looks like they just had a drink of water as it drips from Lilly's chinny chin chin !! Oh so cute !!!

This is Shuga who lives in Dallas Oregon. Her groomers pictured here with her are Penny and Irene. They sure do a great job as you can see here..Shuga is out of Sophie and Jet. Sophie is on the larger side weighing now that she is retired about 28lbs but when unretired she was aprox.21lbs.. Sophie always produced the mellowest and gorgeous dogs !! She now loves being a lounge lizard as we call her..Shuga is 5 yrs old now .. 

Munchkin is the daughter of Seline Lopez and is sooo spoiled !!!  She is the daughter of Hope and and Jake and weighs about 12 lbs full grown.  They live in Breckin RIdge  Colorado where Munchin thinks she is the size of a bear as she barks at the Elk and Deer..Minis think they are big dogs and are very protective of their families .  

Kathierine Eggers came to visit the puppies and I snapped this pic of her holding one of the puppies born in March 2008.  I hope she comes back to visit again some day.

This is Heidi "AKC Ebony" at 1 yr old. Pat and Norm told me in a e-mail with this pic attached that Heidi rules the roost and makes their house a home..isnt that sweet !!  I really preferr natural ears but on Heidi it just couldnt look any better.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE !!!! This guy is on his way to Chatanooga Tennessee  to a family mourning the loss of their late Mini Schnauzer..this boy is a wheaten and will be aprox. 14 lbs when fully grown. His doggie folks are Jake and Mabelle ...9-26-8

Murphy is a black and silver Sired by Jet and the Dam is Tootie. He is very smart from what his human dad tells me ..really keeps them busy. Last I heard he was giving them fits because he thinks he is the size of a bull and doesnt want any other dogs around his family..Schnauzers are very protective..in this pic he is 5 mos. :)

Megan picked this adorable little girl out of sire Jake and Dam tinker..this puppy almost looks like a toy !! So cute..Typical size and coloring Tinker and Jake have in all litters.. 

Another of Dolly and Jakes little choc puppies !! This guy has hazel colored eyes against his chocolate coat making him even more beautiful. He is going to be aprox. 12 lbs when fully grown and will be a show stopper..His human Mom  is Amy from Newberg   OR.

Nikki sent me this pic of Marcus at the Oregon Coast all wet !! This is what a Mini Schnauzer looks like all wet ! :) Schnauzers are such great companions ..they love to hike ..the water isnt a problem and they are very loyal.  12/8

*Recognize the signs of a puppy mill.... First red flag breeder breeds more than one breed of dog!Very important fact!!*

  ~ Our perfect companions never have fewer then four feet ~