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My name is Kathi Francis and I live in Brownsville Oregon which is located aprox. 21 miles north of Eugene  OR. and 21 miles South of Albany OR.  I have 3 Sons and 1 Grandson along with our many Mini Schnauzers. 


Many many years ago I got into breeding Miniature Schnauzers through my sister that lives in Idaho. I fell in love with the breed immediately and the rest is history. It wasn't long before most of my family owned Miniature Schnauzers (or should I say the Schnauzers own them) and have since. Once you own a Miniature Schnauzer there just doesn't seem to be any comparison to any other breed.

We live in a rural community located in the Willamette Valley a rocks throw from the Calapooia River. Brownsville is believed to be the third oldest settlement in Oregon and the community does alot to preserve the history of this old town. There is a vast variety of wild life in our little town.

Our dogs are part of our family and have grown up right along side my boys. We don't kennel raise our puppies or adults.

We usually have puppies and if not some in the oven. Our puppies are very social and have awesome temperaments. By the time our puppies are 10 weeks old they are in the learning stages in many areas such as potty training through a doggy door. We are not in a hurry to find homes for the pups the longer we have them the more we get to enjoy them.

At this date and time we are building a facility to board other small dogs along with Miniature Schnauzers. It is not uncommon for anyone who has purchased a dog from me to contact me about boarding. If you are interested in boarding your Miniature Schnauzer or small dog under 30 lbs please contact  me at kathisschnauzers@gmail.com or phone 541-466-5576 concerning accomidations.We are set up at this time to sit one or two at a time but until we finish construction it is limited. The price is $25 per day

I have persons contact me from time to time wondering why I don't sell as breeder or show dogs. It is pretty simple for me, I want my  puppies to go into their new homes with no expectations from their new owners other then a great companion and pet. That is what I guarantee with the sell of my pups.

Thank you for the interest and taking the time to find out a little bit more about us here at Kathis Schnauzers.! Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions or concerns about Miniature Schnauzers. 

 All Miniature Schnauzer Rescues worldwide are appreciated by Kathis Schnauzers. 

Recognize puppy mills..... Red Flag is more then one breed of dog being bred by breeder.  

References are always gladly available !!