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Kathis Schnauzers

133 Sage St.

Brownsville Oregon  97327


To My Customers:

My Health Guarantee is as follows:

A puppy's health is covered for the 24 hours after the delivery or pickup against anything other then congenital. If you have a puppy that develops a problem you must call my phone number within the 24hrs of the occurrence, otherwise I am not held liable.

If you have a puppy that has a problem which I am liable for, a vet slip is required to be sent to the above address.                  

In the case of a vet bill I only pay for the actual medicine given or actual surgery cost. I do not cover office visits, emergency visits etc. Also in the case of hypoglycemia I do not cover as I go over care of the little puppies at the time of purchase.

You have the following options if your puppy is not in good health.

1. Return the puppy and receive money back minus the cost of shipping or travel.                          

   2. Money paid up to the price of the dog, for qualifying vet bill.                                                                 

3. You return the puppy and we replace with a healthy puppy.

A puppy's health is guaranteed for 5 yrs. against congenital diseases or due to fault of breeder. This guarantee is not transferable to other buyers other then the original.

Options for replacement and refund are the same as the above.

At the time of sell the puppy becomes responsibility of buyer. Future vet visits for shots, worming and routine visits fall completely on buyer. At time of sell buyer is told about future worming and shots needed and provided with a packet including health records if applies...  

       Thank You and I wish you many years of happiness with your Mini Schnauzer.