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       Kathis Schnauzers Supports Our Troops!!!!

  AKC Miniature Schnauzers

               Routinely Inspected by AKC 

                  Poppy & Chief Proudly
     Present Their  Puppies Born 2-6-16  !!

Poppy & Chief introduce Their Kiddos ! 3 Guys & 2 Gals ! Salt&Pepper $900 Accepting Deposits On All Pups.. Health Guarantee Born Feb 6th 2016

<<< All Puppies Below Are Sold !! BUT New Litters Have Arrived .>>

"APRIL" Is an adorable Salt/Pepper born April1st.. Kyra & Jakes Girl ..Available but wont be for long I am sure :") Adoption price $900 brings with her to her forever Family..1st shot  & Worming & Wellness Check which includes 5yr Health Guarantee.. Available

"SLY" ...Oh I love this Puppy ! Black/ Silver hard to find and he is a sweet heart .. Jake & Kyra parents ..Adoption price $1000 ..Wellness check 5 yr health Guarantee shot worming ..Hes awful Cute ! Available

"Rosie"  Silver with markings she is gorgeous. Adoption price $900 ... shes such a doll-face ..wellness check health guaranteed shots wormings all done ! Love this cutee pie.. Available

This Puppy ( Poppy) Is Not Available But I am leaving the Pic on to Show quality of my kiddos ! She is Absolutely Stunning ... Love Her !!


Sold!! Tawna Phioloer from Philomath Oregon is in love with her Tasha :")



Pebbles lives with her family in Seattle Dr. Larson and his wife Lyndsay... what a doll face!

Sold !!!

Sold !!! Will be living within miles of me so I will be able to visit with Winnie ! So tiny !    

SOLD!! Congrats to the Evans Family in Toledo Oregon. !! 

  Thank You Veterans Past and Future !!

SOLD !!Super cute Jasper Has Moved Away with His new Daddy Wade! SOLD!!! This is one LUCKY doggie :") 

Sold !! Jessee lives close to where the Orcas Swim in Washington... little doll face boy :")

SOLD !!!These are Ginger & Jets pups ..so cute! .

SOLD!! Just a perfect example of what to expect in litters born to Kyra and Jake .

SOLD !! Just showing quality of puppies ... This is what you should expect from me... a perfect gorgeous Mini Schnauzer with a great temperment ! 


 SOLD!  ...... Even the girls love the playing and digging like Daphney here..she loved to hunt snakes with her dad Jet !   

 SOLD !!!  This adorable little girl will be living in Anchorage Alaska with her radio personality Mom...  Daughter of Kyra and Jake she is super cute and quite the shoe thief !  


Sold!!  I am leaving the pics to show quality of my puppies..

Sold !!!

Black and Silver  is one of my very favorite colors :) This Black and Silver is a prime example of  what to expect from my gorgeous Minis:)

    ~Below More Sample of my kiddos already sold!~

Sold! Pic left only to show quality of puppies to expect thru  Kathis Schnauzers.

         ~In The Eyes Of My Mini Schnauzer I found   Unconditional Love~

    Pet Sitting Available $25 per day !!!      

KathisSchnauzers price chart listed below. Prices the same for female or male.  All puppies sold only as pet or companion with no papers provided. KathisSchnauzers  Minis are DNA tested !!!  

Perfect example of  the White Minature Schnauzer puppies you can expect to adopt from KathisSchnauzers. White Minis are so popular & are registerable pet or companion thru AKC. but not eligible for  AKC show.. Sold only as pet or companion.

A $300 NON refundable deposit will hold any puppy still available for sale. A verbal agreement will  hold a puppy 72 hrs awaiting deposit, then the puppy will become available if deposit is not received within 72 hrs.  

Another example of my gorgeous Salt N Pepper Minis.. This guy is from a previous litter ... He is such a cutee pie:)

            Parti $900         Liver $900   White $900                           Black $900 

 Wheaten $700       Chocolate $1100                     Salt&Pepper $900

  Black/ Silver $1000        Silver  $900

Kathis Schnauzers does not sell to pet stores or brokers. All puppies are sold with limited breeding rights which means no breeding or show. I sell only as pet or companion. No delivery of registration papers with puppy................... Limited Breeding!

~A Non Refundable deposit of $300 will hold any puppy.Please feel free to  phone for any info or answers to questions 541-730-6191. Accepting deposits to be included on waiting list of very popular KathisSchnauzers!:) ~


       As of August  2008 I have changed my policy as far as the papers go...I am not delivering papers with the sell of my puppies. I have changed this policy because i have restricted breeding and showing which shouldn't and doesn't matter to those not wanting to breed the puppies when grown. I can show the papers of authenticity but will not be selling with papers . All my dogs are AKC ..For any more information concerning the papers please feel free to ask.. A spay and neuter contract will be signed at time of sale. I do screen my families including conversations and if I feel it is not a fit I will refuse to place my puppies in a household. I am not bound or obligated to sell my puppies to anyone or family I do not feel comfortable with. Important to me to maintain a friendship with my clients to allow me kowledge of my placed Puppies. I can refuse service to anyone at anytime. Thanks... Kathi Francis

Puppies shown by appointment only      No appointments on Sundays


Please send Non- Refundable Deposits To:

Kathi Francis 133 Sage St.  Brownsville Oregon     97327

Thanks for taking the time to view my puppies..aren't they adorable !!!

Recognize the signs of a puppy mill...First Red Flag is more than one breed of dog being bred by breeder. Very important fact!!