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 < **Introducing The Ladies**>

~  My Miniature Schnauzer.... A heartbeat at my feet ~

Poppy is a white Mini and is the sweetest gal. Such a kind hearted loving dog is to describe Poppy. A definate eye catcher on our walks:) Such a great gal:)

    Daisy and Poppy are Sisters. White Mini Schnauzer and such a character:) . Daisy is a very special girl ...                                               

Maggy is a Black and Silver. She is such a great dog and in my opinion the perfect size . She weighs about 20 Lbs and is from foot to shoulder right at 12 inches. 

Retired: light salt/pepper color.  She is such a trouble maker !! She thinks she is part lion the way she pounces on the other dogs. A great dog &  so much like a naughty child !! .   

My Kyra is such a doll ! This is her on a typical day, she loves to crawl on the rocks to play king of the mt with the other dogs. Kyra is at 12lbs & has the sweetest disposition & soft coat. Very much my baby:) Ears cropped prior to my adoption of Kyra.

                     ~Love me..... love my dog~

All puppies sold with limited registration..sold with no breeding rights but only as pet or companion. Accompanied by health certificate and puppy packet. As of August 2008 all puppies will be sold without papers. Proof of AKC SIre and Dam available .

Recognize signs of Puppy Mills ..... Red Flag is breeder breeds more than one breed of dog!! Very Important facts!!