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Welcome to Kathis AKC Miniature Schnauzers

  !!! Thank You Veterans Past And Present !!! 

 ~~~!! Check Out The Puppy Page For Information  About Puppies Available !! ~~~   

Raised in the picturesque rural community of Brownsville Oregon I offer gorgeous AKC Miniature puppies for sale as pet or companion. Providing a lifelong home for my puppies is so important that I refuse to sell to Pet Stores or Brokers.

Puppies on my site are from my gals and guys! Photos taken by  Kathi Francis  KathisSchnauzers. I sell puppies with no breeding or showing rights . Only as pet or companion. 

My puppies come with a health guarantee and vet check. I offer a variety of color and sizes all AKC registered. I usually have puppies available if not then some in the oven.

 Kathis Schnauzers Supports Our Troops!! 

   ~ A Miniature Schnauzer wags his tail with his heart~

               AKC Inspections ..Graded A !!!!

My number one goal is to place my puppies in a loving home forever. Kathis Schnauzers does not sell to brokers or pet stores and all puppies are sold with a limited breeding contract prohibiting breeding or show. 

I have puppies available now !! Accepting Non- Refundable deposits on puppies available now and in the future.Deposits  accepted in the amount of $300.

From the moment my puppies are born they are raised in the comfort of our loving home. My puppies are not raised in a kennel area away from our family .

If you are not familiar with Kathis Schnauzers and your first contact with me is online: I would be pleased to hear from you! Please let me know what your needs and questions are I will be more than happy to help.

Kathis Schnauzers/ Kathi Francis reserves the right to refuse the sell of any Miniature Schnauzer to anyone for any reason. Remember Also A Non Refundable Deposit is Non Refundable taking the puppy off the Market

   Recognize the signs of a puppy mill...

First Red Flag might be the breeder breeds more then one breed of dog.  Very important fact!!!  Dont be afraid to ask MANY questions of Breeders !!!                      

 Address Listed Below For Sending Non Refundable Deposit  

   Kathi Francis ~133 Sage St.~Brownsville Oregon~ 97327 


     Please contact me at kathisschnauzers@gmail.com

                  Business Phone: 541-730-6191

            Appointments only.....  no drop ins please

    Photography and Editing by Kathi Francis  

              UPDATED  02/06/2016      


~In many areas of the world German Shepards and Schnauzers are commonly  paired together to watch over flocks and herds. Since Schnauzers have a 20% better hearing then any other breed of dog, the German Shepard often is alerted to intruders by his trusty partner and then the German Shepard would take care of business.~                        

More pics available on request ..KathisSchnauzers  copyright


               Phone:  541-730-6191

  ~Miniature Schnauzers have a 20% better      hearing then any other breed of Dog~     

             Pet Sitting Available !!!!!